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Decorating with Metal Beds

Fashion Bed Group Legion Metal Sleigh Bed in Ancient Gold

Say "metal bed" and contemporary and modern styles immediately spring to mind. That's hardly surprising since metal is a popular finish for both. But metal beds have actually been around for a few centuries. In Olde English, "wrought iron" means worked or fashioned metal and refers to iron that has been hammered or bent into shape. Today, attractive and fashionable metal beds are made from a variety of ores and alloys and are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from traditional to contemporary. Since metal beds come in many different styles, they are an ideal way to decorate a master bedroom, a guest room or a child's bedroom.

Why Buy a Metal Bed?

The bed is generally the focal point of the bedroom so the type of metal bed you choose will set the tone of your décor. For a contemporary feel, select a bed with linear lines and geometric detailing, in polished, high gloss finishes. To create a more traditional style, choose a metal bed with flowing lines, scrolled accents and decorative finials.

Many types of metal beds can be less expensive than their wood counterparts, making them a thrifty way to decorate a second bedroom or kids room.

Because of the nature of the material they are made from, metal beds are strong and durable.

Metal beds, particularly in a more traditional style, have a vintage appeal, evoking simpler times, a less hurried way of life or childhood memories. For a "lived in" or heirloom look, choose a metal bed with an antiqued or patina finish.

Metal beds are easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the bedding selected, making them adaptable to virtually any style of décor.

With a moisture-resistant or powder coated finish, most metal beds are easy to clean and over time, need little maintenance.

Since the headboard and footboard of metal beds tend to possess a more open design, they are an excellent choice when decorating a small room The open design takes up less visual space and won't make the room feel closed in.

Fashion Bed Fontane Metal Bed in Silver and Cherry
Fashion Bed Group Doral Metal Poster Bed in Black and Walnut

Before You Begin

Where the bed is going will determine the size and type of bed you will purchase. A white metal bed in twin size is perfect for a little girl while a king size antique bronze metal beds is perfect for the master suite.

Measure the room. Knowing how much available space there is will reduce the chances of you purchasing a bed too large or too small. Don't forget to factor in the rest of the furniture in the room.

Decide how much you want to spend. Knowing how much you have to spend beforehand will make the final decision easier by narrowing your search to a specific price range.

Nothing beats a word-of-mouth recommendation. Ask family and friends that own a metal bed if they would recommend a particular style or brand name.

If you are buying a metal bed for a room that has already been decorated, take the rest of the room into consideration. Some people will prefer the bed to blend into the existing furniture while others will want to choose a style that contrasts nicely with the rest of the space.

When buying a metal bed for a child's room, get their feedback. A child or teen who has had some input in their choice of bed will be more inclined to like it.

Consider purchasing a matching bedroom set. Not only does this make decorating super simple but a bedroom set usually offers a cost-savings over purchasing each piece individually.

What is a Metal Bed Made Of?

Metal beds are constructed of all different types of metals, in numerous combinations and strengths.. It is important to note that the quality of metal used can vary from one manufacturer to another. Some types of metal beds will be a higher quality than others. You will need to comparison shop to ensure you are buying the best you can afford. However, metal beds tend to be strong and long-lasting regardless of quality.

Metal beds are made from a variety of metals, including alloys, which are at least two different types of ores or elements that have been combined together. Typical ores and alloys used to make metal beds are iron, steel, nickel commonly with a satin finish and aluminum.

After the metal has been fashioned into a bed, the surface is sealed with a finish. Finishes for most metal beds are typically applied by a method called powder coating that electrostatically sprays extremely fine ground particles of pigment or resin onto the metal bed. Once applied, it is baked at a high temperature to create a highly durable and smooth finish. Metal beds are available in many different types of finishes, including matte, textured, gloss and antiqued.

Lea Emma's Treasures Kids Metal Panel Bed in Dark Pewter

Types of Metal Beds

Metal platform beds are simple in form, emphasized by sleek lines and a low profile. Since a platform bed sits lower to the ground than other types of beds, it can be a great way to make a small bedroom feel larger. Once considered a solely modern design, today platform beds are now available in a variety of styles ranging from country to traditional. Typically, they have neither a headboard or footboard but some models have matching headboards that can be purchased separately.

Since the four poster bed first appeared in the Middle Ages, it has remained a popular choice for the bedroom. Back then, poster beds were usually made of wood, but today, metal poster beds are common. They create a dramatic statement by drawing the eye into the center of the room. Poster beds are characterized by four posts at each corner which can be of equal or varying height. A poster bed that is constructed of both metal and wood creates visual interest in a room.

The canopy bed is a four poster bed with an upper frame and a fabric covering. A metal canopy bed adds a touch of elegance and a sense of old world charm to a bedroom, due to the dramatic appearance of the posts combined with decorative metal flourishes.

Eye-catching, yet at the same time softly romantic, metal sleigh beds have elegant, curving lines and a distinctive, romantic feel. Because the style is so eye-catching, there are some things to consider. The bed is the natural focal point of the room, but the height of a metal sleigh headboard and footboard determines the dramatic impact the bed will have within the room's context.

Some Popular Styles for Metal Beds

Inspired by the trends of the past, traditional style metal beds are characterized by cabriole legs, filigree ovals and detailed scroll work. Ranging from the elaborate fussiness of Victorian times to the less complicated ideals reflected in Colonial furnishings, a traditional metal bed can have an ornately formal feel or a relaxed appearance, depending on the time period used as the source of inspiration.

Contemporary style commonly uses of geometric line and shape to create visual interest. It emerged from the second half of the twentieth century in answer to changing technology and how it was reflected in architectural designs. A modern metal bed has a stylized beauty derived from clean lines or geometric accents.

A country style metal bed reflects traditional decorative elements with a more relaxed feel. Country metal beds can have a rustic charm, the sophisticated appeal of French Country or the casual and comfortable appearance of cottage country. A country metal bed can also include country-themed finials and antiqued or aged finishes in white or pastel colors.

Walker Edison Metal Twin Canopy Bed in Pink
Hillsdale Harrison Metal Bed in Textured Black Finish

Other Things to Consider

Metal beds are available in all of the standard bed sizes. However, some manufacturers will only offer some models in only queen and king sizes. Typically, children's beds are commonly available only in twin and sometimes twin and full.

Metal beds are simple to care for and tend to have a more durable finish than other types of beds. But go easy on wax or abrasive cleaners as they can damage most types of metal finishes. Solvents such as nail polish remover and paint thinner can also ruin the finish of your metal bed.