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What to Look for When Buying A China Cabinet

Stanley Beau breakfront China Cabinet

There’snothing more elegant than a well-crafted china cabinet that showcases your beautiful china and crystal sets. Not only do china cabinets show off your collection, they also protect your belongings from dust and fingerprints from inquiring hands. While all china cabinets may appear to be the same, there are small but key differences you should know before buying.

China Cabinet or Curio?

Can’t tell the difference between a china cabinet and a curio cabinet? Don’t worry; it can be easy to become confused. China cabinets generally have enclosed sides because they are meant to display the front of the china, not the side or back. Curio cabinets on the other hand, generally display figurines and other collectibles that should be seen from all angles, hence the glass sides and mirrored back on most curios.

Which one you choose really depends on what you’re using the cabinet for and what design excites you.

American Drew China Cabinet

China Cabinet Features

China cabinets are designed to hold your china (obviously!) but there are additional features that you’ll find in certain china cabinets. These features will play a big part in which china cabinet you’ll end up putting in your home.

Interior Lighting: Interior lighting is a great feature for your china cabinet. If you really want to show off your collection, interior lighting will keep your cabinet lit day and night, so every single detail can be seen in clear detail.

Plate Grooves: If you’ve got fine china, you’re going to want plate grooves that will hold flat dishes at a vertical angle. These are a must for showing off vintage or antique china.

Adjustable Shelving: If you’ve got a large collection, you’ll have varying sizes of plates to put on display. Adjustable shelving lets you arrange your dishes according to size for a clean, coordinated look.

Mirrored Backing: A mirror at the back of your china cabinet allows you to see each piece from every angle. Not only does it improve the viewing experience, but a mirrored back is also an aesthetically pleasing addition to the room. Combined with interior lighting, a mirrored back can have a dramatic effect on the look of your china cabinet.

Locks: You keep your collectibles in a china cabinet for two reasons: to show them off and to protect them. A cabinet with a lock on the door will keep your collectibles safe from curious onlookers, especially young children who don’t understand the value of your collection.

American Drew Cherry Grove China Cabinet

Types of China Cabinets

All china cabinets serve the same purpose, but there are different types available to you. Corner Cabinets are awesome space savers that utilize corner space that is so often left unused. Turn an ordinary corner into the most eye-catching section of a room. Corner china cabinets are great for those trying to get the most out of smaller rooms.

A china cabinet hutch gives you even more bang for your buck. China cabinet hutches not only give you the standard shelving or a regular china cabinet, they also provide you with additional cabinet drawers that can store additional non-display items.

China Cabinet Style

Remember to match the style of the china cabinet with the room’s décor. Traditional rooms are a good fit with warm and natural woods, so an oak china cabinet would make sense. A black china cabinet with minimal design and flourish would go much better with a modern décor and so on.

Whichever style of china cabinet you choose, you’ll be adding a memorable and important piece of furniture that will be cherished for years to come. Cymaxhas a great selection of China Cabinets.