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What You Should Know About TV Wall Mounts

Installing your own TV wall mount can save you money. They typically come in a kit with everything you need to install the mount. TV wall mounts are also popular with anyone who admires the sleek, modern vibe they foster by being a part of cutting-edge design. Because the TV wall mounts market is so competitive, there are a lot of different wall mounts to choose from. But how do you know what kind to buy and which brands are the best? An LCD/ Plasma TV mount is the way to go for anyone with space constraints in their living area.

VESA Compliant TV Wall Mounts

Buying a TV wall mount might sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be. A simple rule to follow is: televisions and TV wall mounts and plasma screen mounts that state they are VESA mounting compliant will not need an adapter plate, but TVs and wall mounts that are not VESA compliant will need an adapter plate. VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association, is a non-profit organization that sets voluntary, international standards for electronic products including TV wall mounts. If a TV wall mount and a television state that they are VESA compliant, they will fit together without needing an adapter plate. Should the wall mount that you’ve already purchased end up needing an adapter plate, don’t panic; they are readily available wherever TV mount accessories are sold.

Types of Wall Mounts

When shopping for a wall mount, keep in mind that they fall into three general categories: flat mounts, tilt mounts and swivel mounts.

Flat mounts, also known as low-profile mounts, live up to the name as they are the thinnest type of wall mount available. They are typically one inch in depth, no more than two inches at the most, allowing the television to sit flush with the wall. This type of mount is static, with no swivel or tilting ability at all.

Tilt mounts allow the television to be adjusted either forwards or backwards. To accommodate movement, the mount extends outward from the wall. Some types of tilting wall mounts are lockable at a number of different angles.

Swivel mounts move from side to side in addition to up and down. There are a variety of swivel mount designs, including ones with one and two arms.

A wide selection of specialty mounts is also available. While many specialty TV wall mounts are intended for industrial and commercial environments, a specialty TV wall mount can be particularly useful when designing and planning a home theater.