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Turntable Buying Guide

Crosley Radio Advance Stereo USB Turntable in Gray

Miss hearing that special sound the needle makes when playing a vinyl record? Inherited your father’s entire collection of LPs but they won’t fit in your CD player? Then you need to browse choice selection of turntables at Cymax.

Turntable Consoles

It’s true – old fashioned turntables are making a comeback. In the past five years of the continuing reappearance of the phonograph turntable, it is taking analog retro to a whole new level. Some models of turntables allow you to not only play records the good old fashioned way; they also let you capture those cool grooves directly onto a CD or a digital computer file. Don’t be fooled by the retro look of some of these turntables. Turntables like the Crosley Radio Troubadour Turntable or the Crosley Antique Radio and Turntable Console include cutting-edge technology in the form of a CD player, programmable 20-track memory and a port to plug in your iPod or MP3 player.

Turntable Construction

Of course you want it to last. A well-constructed turntable like any model of a Crosley turntable will use quality materials. It should have a solid body and not include plastic parts and sections. Some manufacturers of cheaper-end turntables use plastics to bring costs down. However, it tends to cause the turntable to vibrate too much.

The best type of motor to look for in turntables is the belt-driven turntable. The band of the spindle which is connected to the motor absorbs much of the vibration. Motor driven turntables tend to be noisier.

The tonearm of old fashioned turntables, retro turntables and turntable consoles again should reduce vibrations as well as include features like anti-skating and semi-automatic/automatic arm functions.

Don’t keep your vinyl records stuck in the closet collecting dust. Enjoy them again with the help of turntable for your home from Audio Video Furniture where free shipping and no sales tax will certainly be music to your ears.

Get the Party Started with a Turntable

If you have a prize collection of vinyl records, don’t let the sit gathering dust. Have a party and share your great taste in music with your friends and family. Turntables for home entertainment are definitely making a comeback. Before making a final purchase, here are some general guidelines for choosing the right turntable that will perfectly meet all of your needs.

Turntables Play Different Roles

Crosely Radio Musician Turntables

What do you want the turntable for? If you want to be the next hottest new DJ then turntables for home entertainment aren’t going to cut it. On the other hand, however, if you just want to listen to records for your own personal enjoyment, then a mid-price range turntable will be ideal. Does preserving your vinyl collection sound appealing to you? Perhaps a unit like the Crosley Turntable Console with the capacity for recording onto CDs will be a better fit for you.

Things to look for when Buying a Turntable

It doesn’tmatter if you your turntable for home entertainment will be used only every once in awhile to play a few records. You will want a well-constructed turntable made of quality materials that is affordable and looks good too. The body of the turntable should be solid – avoid cheaply made turntables that use plastic as it can contribute to noticeable vibrations. This will detract from your enjoyment while playing records.

Select a turntable that is belt-driven rather than direct driven. Belt-driven turntables are quieter and produce less vibration.

The tonearm of turntable consoles should be height adjustable, rigid and cartridge adjustable to accommodate a variety of different cartridges.

Check to see that the replacement needles/needle cartridges for the model of turntable you are considering buying will be readily available.

Turntable Features

Old fashioned turntables aren’t so old fashioned. Many types of turntables and turntable consoles come with a number of features intended to enhance your listening pleasure. Some common turntable features include:

  • The choice of manual, automatic or semi-automatic tonearm functionality
  • Programmable multi-track memory
  • Cassette deck
  • CD player
  • Repeat play
  • Ports for electronic gadgets such as an iPod or an MP3 player