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So Many Bookcases So Many Styles

Safco 24 Inch Wide 6-Shelf Veneer Baby Bookcase in Mahogany

Shopping for book shelves online means browsing an extensive selection. With so many choices, you’re bound to find the perfect product, right? Well, before you make a purchase, think carefully about what you’re looking for in bookcases beyond their design.

Do you want to display more than books? Do you have portability needs or space restrictions? Are you supplementing your current book shelves and need to coordinate style and size? With so many, many, bookcases to choose from, it’s easy to loose sight of what you really need. When you search online, the convenience of narrowing your options becomes a huge relief.

Compact and Corner Bookcases

Today’s urban homes need storage solutions to be more innovative than ever before. Fortunately, bookcases can be mounted on walls and tucked into tight corners without awkwardly changing a room or claiming too much floor space. Look for shallow book shelves or corner bookcases for a small room. Think about a wall mounted cabinet to avoid sacrificing any floor space.

Traditional Style with Wood Bookcases

Adding regal oak bookcases or hearty cherry bookcases can turn your living room, library, den, or basement into a sophisticated and relaxing space. Options range from basic finishes to higher end luxury models. Once you settle on either whether it’s maple or mahogany that will best complement your room, look for the right size, then move on to the right price.

Black or White Cabinet Designs

Black bookcases and white bookcases are also available in many sizes to rescue the minimalist who doesn’t care really for a classic design. You may have gone so far as to create a décor intentionally free from any wood colors and finishes. If you really don’t want to see any grain at all on your book shelves, be sure to read product descriptions carefully and examine zoomed photos.

Themed and Colorful Children’s Bookcases

Coordinating book shelves with the lively space of a child’s room can be a daunting task. You’ve already carefully selected each piece of furniture to create an atmosphere or theme your child loves. Don’t worry, you can select bookcases that organize reading time and still fit in with the colors, vibrant or understated, that your son or daughter enjoys.

Portable Backless Bookcases

For the serious student or mobile young professional, a major factor in reviewing potential bookcases is weight and assembly. If you anticipate wanting to carry or break down your unit once or more per year, look for construction that is lightweight, foldable, or designed to easily bear being taken apart and put back together repeatedly.

Bookcases that Can Really Take It

Do your book shelves need to house an encyclopedia collection? How about countless volumes of hardcover classics? You’ll quickly find that economical and portable backless bookcases or thin aluminum frame models will not meet your needs.

Keep in mind when you select your cabinet or book shelves, this is a piece of furniture that should grow with you. Whether you choose an opulent bookcase with glass doors or etagere, the right product will be a storage and display solution you can take pride in.