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Say Yes to Guests with a Convertible Sofa

If you’re being choosy about the furniture in your spare room, you’ve probably had to de-clutter and rearrange before. You love having a spare room for exercise equipment and your computer, or maybe even a crafting workspace. Perhaps you already had a convertible sofa bed many years ago and felt it was too heavy or too hard to use.

But you’re also eager to say “yes” when your friends or in-laws want to come for a visit. So what will you have to give up so that you can add another bed? Well, you might only have to sacrifice an extra desk or bookshelf. Many contemporary convertible sofas< can be a smart solution for your spare room that is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Clever Convertible Sofas for Stylish Spaces

Storing an inflatable mattress can be a huge hassle, starting with the time-consuming process of trying to deflate and refold the large plastic shell. Add a frame, and you might even dread having company. Cots can be equally awkward, claiming precious closet or under-bed storage when not in use. Choosing a new convertible sofa instead means that having overnight guests will be a pleasure, not a burden.

Convertible sofas make sense when space and time are limited. Available in many trendy models, upholstery options range from cotton and polyester to microfiber and leather. When you purchase a convertible sofa you love the look of, you can welcome your overnight visitors with enthusiasm, pride and confidence.

Children’s Sleepovers are a Breeze with a Convertible Sofa

If your child likes to have guests as much as you do, a convertible sofa or thoughtfully more compact convertible chair can be a great choice. Chairs sporting racecars or flowers provide your child with his or her own guest space.

Whether you choose a convertible sofa, a chair, or combine the two for a coordinated set, you’ll be giving your child fun, yet more grown up furniture. If you’re pulling out all the stops, add a matching ottoman and bean bag chair for endless hours of entertainment.

Convertible chairs are also available in adult sizes with colors that coordinate to any space. If a convertible sofa is still too large for your teen’s room, this larger model of chair is great for their sleepovers too. Convertible chairs can also be a great choice for a young professional’s studio apartment. A great gift for the recent graduate in your life.

Convertible Sofas on a Budget

If cost is a concern, you still have a good selection of basic futon-like convertible sofa bed choices. Given that your sofa bed may be a less prominent piece in your household, you may be looking for a smaller price tag. Likewise, when furnishing a cabin or vacation home, you may be trying to rein in your budget and a convertible sofa can be cost-effective without forgoing style and functionality.

For larger budgets, convertible sofas can reach opulent levels with top quality mattresses. Many lavish, leather convertible sofa beds look exactly like their regular counterparts. However, the larger, more opulent models do tend to sacrifice portability.

Choosing a convertible sofa bed can be tricky with so much selection. The features, fabric, and construction combinations are extensive, but with a few simple questions answered, you’re on your way to a smart accommodation solution for your home.