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Media Storage Solutions for Apartments

Maintaining an eye catching, elegant home in a small city dwelling is a growing challenge for many North Americans. As more of us live in cities, more of us need innovative storage furniture that fits both lifestyle and budget requirements. This is especially true of organization for movie and music libraries. Find everything you need for media storage and display at Cymax.

Save Space with Walls

Using your living room's wall space for storage as well as art display is always a good idea. But in a small downtown apartment, it's absolutely necessary. If your living room is where you watch movies and/or listen to music most frequently, consider wall mounted DVD and CD storage.

CD & DVD Storage Cabinets

Bookcases, dressers, and cabinets designed for disc storage are an ideal solution for fitting large media collections into small spaces. Many are designed to back right up against a wall, increasing in height rather than depth as models get larger.

Cabinets & Armoires that Blend In

Keeping clutter to a minimum is crucial if you seek to create a peaceful living space in a compact setting. Even the visual effect of a busy bookcase can feel like clutter. If you’d like to conceal your media collection behind elegant and stylish doors, look no further than a media storage cabinet or armoire for DVDs, CDs, cassette tapes, books, and much more.