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Southern Textiles Daybed Bedding Set

You’ve gone and selected the daybed frame of your dreams and you’ve picked out the softest and most supportive mattress you’ve ever laid on, but you don’t have a complete daybed yet. Now it’s time to add some personality and style to your daybed by choosing daybed bedding that expresses your individuality and taste in design.

While the frame and the mattress often receive the majority of the glory, it really is the bedding that gives your daybed its personality. The right daybed bedding can transform your daybed from just another piece of furniture into the centerpiece of the room. Find daybed bedding that suits both your personality and the décor of the room.

Daybed Bedding Set

The majority of the time you’ll be able to find a complete daybed bedding set that comes with a number of matching pieces, often including comforters, bed skirts, sham pillows and linens. It’s often encouraged to buy a 4 piece daybed bedding set or a 5 piece daybed bedding set, as this guarantees a smart and well put-together ensemble.

A bed skirt is the fabric that falls from the bottom of your mattress to the floor, effectively hiding the space in between. That space is usually reserved for a trundle, or as a quick-fix storage unit when you have unannounced guests. Shams are decorative pillow cases that complement the comforter and bed skirt. Shams shouldn’t be confused with accent pillows, which are typically the same fabric as your daybed bedding set, and are geometric in shape.

Certain daybed bedding sets will come with bolsters, which are cylindrical pillows. These are usually decorative in nature, but in certain cases can be used as a headrest for reading or watching TV.

Southern Textiles Paramount Solid Black Twin 5-pc Daybed Ensemble
Southern Textiles Elite Hopscotch Twin 5-pc Daybed Ensemble

The Comforter and Bedspreads

A comforter is a fairly thick cover filled with batting or down, and then stitched together. It is often paired with the bed skirt to for a finished look. If your daybed bedding set comes with a bedspread, you won’t need either a comforter or a bed skirt. The bedspread is like a long comforter that covers the entire bed. The sides reach all the way down to the floor, eliminating the need for a bed skirt.

The comforter, or duvet, is the most prominent part of your daybed bedding, just like it would be on a regular bed. However, you may want to use it differently. If you’re planning on using your daybed as a sofa for the majority of the time, you may want to save making the bed until you have guests sleeping over. This is a completely personal choice, but it might be more functional to leave the cover off until you know someone will be using the daybed as a bed rather than a sofa.

Before you order your bedding, make sure you know what size mattress your daybed uses. Daybeds typically use twin size mattresses, so a twin daybed bedding set would be appropriate. But there are larger mattresses available, so make sure you get the correct size of bedding to avoid any bunching. A snug fit will increase your enjoyment.