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Daybed Mattress Buying Guide

An essential part of your daybed is the daybed mattress. When going about buying a daybed mattress, you should approach it just as you would if you were buying a mattress for your regular bed. You want to ensure that you’re getting maximum comfort whether you’re using the daybed as a sofa or as a sleeping bed.

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Know Your Daybed Mattress

Many people get daybeds and futons confused, and some might assume that a futon mattress and a daybed mattress are interchangeable. This is a big mistake. A daybed uses an actual headboard, while the back part of a futon is actually just the mattress propped up into the shape of a couch. Mattresses for daybeds should never be folded.

For the most part, daybeds use twin size mattresses. Because daybeds are typically used as part-time sofas, most people don’t want to go much bigger than a twin. Certainly there are people who will want something larger; if you are one of these people, a different type of bed designed to accommodate larger mattress sizes such as full, king or California king mattresses might be a better fit for you than a daybed. Some daybeds come equipped with a trundle that provides even more sleeping space. The trundle mattress is usually also a twin, and in certain cases can be popped up to create a king sized mattress.

Mattress Firmness

What is the perfect level of firmness for a daybed mattress? The answer to that question changes depending on the person. Only you know how hard or soft you like your mattress, so make sure you know what you want before you buy. The firmness of the mattress relates to how it feels to you when you’re lying or sitting down. A soft mattress will let your body sink down, while a firm one allows for very little sinking. If you’re planning on using the daybed as a sofa more often than not, perhaps something a little firmer to give yourself more support. In the end, it’s all about comfort, so choose what feels good to you.

If you have two children sharing the daybed for sleeping, you can customize the main mattress with the trundle mattress to fit their specific needs. If one likes the mattress firm, and the other prefers something softer, no problem. Simmons daybed mattresses and Gold Bond daybed mattresses are as close to a sure thing as you can get when buying a mattress for your daybed. If you’re really struggling to decide which mattress works for you, try a daybed memory foam mattress, which gives the mattress a soft feeling while providing plenty of support.

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Daybed Springs

Daybeds don’t usually have a box spring because the lower portion is used either as storage space or for a trundle. Daybeds typically use a link spring to support the mattress while leaving the lower half of the day bed clear for other uses.

Daybed Mattress Thickness

Just because you’re buying a mattress for a daybed rather than a full time bed, it’s important to remember to use a daybed mattress that is at least six inches thick. Anything less than that and you’ll definitely feel discomfort. Mattresses between 6-8 inches thick will be enough to provide you with plenty of comfort and support.