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Entertainment Furniture: Choosing a TV Cabinet

Today’s flat panel televisions are made from LED, LCD, or plasma technologies. While it often makes sense to wall-mount a flat screen, there are many different types of TV furniture that can be used to store TVs and components.

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Here are some of Cymax's most popular examples:

Sauder TV Cabinets Hillsdale TV Stands Kathy Ireland Home by Martin TV Cabinets
Sauder TV Cabinets
Hillsdale TV Stands
Kathy Ireland Home by Martin TV Cabinets
Lea TV Cabinets Steve Silver TV Cabinets Walker Edison TV Cabinets
Lea TV Cabinets
Steve Silver TV Cabinets
Walker Edison TV Cabinets

What Is A TV Cabinet?

A TV cabinet it a style of TV stand with doors that open. The doors might be solid wood or they might have glass partitions. Some TV cabinets also feature some open shelving in addition to the cabinets. Most TV cabinets have been designed to have the television sit on the top shelf.

Choosing a Television Cabinet

Selecting audio visual furniture is slightly different than other types of furnishings.

Aside from the furniture fitting into the room it’s intended for, all of our audio and visual components must also fit properly into the various shelves, stands, and cabinets within the items you purchase. Here are a few things to consider prior to making a purchase:

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that televisions and entertainment furniture are measured differently. TVs are measured diagonally across the screen while TV furniture is typically measured in length and height. For this reason it is highly recommended that your TV be purchased in advance of the television cabinet so that you know it’s exact dimensions ahead of time.

measuring your television how to measure a tv cabinet

Measuring the Diagonal

TVs are measured diagonally across the screen. When a TV is said to be 40 inches, this means that it spans this length from one corner of the monitor to the diagonally opposing corner. Be sure that you take measurements of both the length and height of your television prior to purchasing a cabinet for it.

For more information about TV sizes, check out our guide here.

Just like any other type of furniture, a TV cabinet can come in different configurations. These will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Your choice will mostly depend on which style you think will fit best with your space, however there are certain additional considerations that should be made prior to a purchase.

Sauder, Sonax, and Home Styles are some of our most popular manufacturers of TV stands and cabinets. Every manufacturer has a full product line with TV cabinets in different styles, configurations and sizes. Most customers prefer these items in espresso, oak or antique finishes while black and white are the most popular colors.

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