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John Boos Classique Kitchen Prep Table

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows how valuable space is when it comes time to prepare a meal. The addition of a work table or prep table to your kitchen can make a world of difference. Work tables provide a great amount of storage while at the same time adding décor to your kitchen.

Work and prep tables come in many shapes and sizes, so do a little research before you begin shopping. Once you’re informed, you’ll be able to find a kitchen work table that fits the size and style of our kitchen.


The first thing you should do is choose a space in your kitchen where you want to put a work table. Measure the area so you know what size table will fit. Then consider how much work space and storage you want to add. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a prep table that fits in your kitchen and gives you the amount of work space you desire.

If you’re worried about space in the kitchen, you can find a work table that has an additional drop-leaf that can be extended for extra work space, and then tucked away when the food prep is over.

Prep tables are great because of how much storage space they offer. You can find prep tables with a selection of shelves and drawers where you can keep ingredients, plates, pots and other kitchen accessories.


John Boos Cucina Moderno Painted Base Work Table

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when you’re buying a prep table is the type of tabletop you choose. A variety of factors can affect your decision. Should you go with wood or stainless steel?

A stainless steel tabletop is an economical choice, and suits someone who is more concerned with function over style. Stainless steel work tables are quite resistant to bacteria, and are the easiest table to clean. Steel tabletops are also very durable, and aren’t susceptible to the same sort of wear and tear as a wood tabletop.

Wood tabletops are definitely a more stylish choice for your kitchen, and there are a few different directions you can take. If you’re looking for a prep table with antique feel, a distressed table will cover up any small nicks or scratches.

A butcher block table top is a great choice for those who do some heavy lifting in the kitchen. If you’re chopping a lot of meat or poultry, then a butcher block is a must. The great thing about butcher blocks is that because they’re so thick, you can sand down and refinish the tabletop and it will look brand new.


John Boos Cucina Kitchen Prep Table

When you’re looking for a work table or prep table there are quite a few features that can provide you with a unique experience. You can find kitchen work tables with casters, which allow you to move the table around to your kitchen as you see fit. There are prep tables with built in shelves and racks that will hold your spices, wines, pots, pans and more. At Cymax, we have a great selection of work tables to meet your needs