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A Speaker Stands Buying Guide

Do you really need speaker stands at all? It’s tempting to just park your speakers on a shelf of the nearest bookcase or in an unused compartment of your entertainment center to save a few dollars. But the money you keep in your pocket might be at the expense of the best possible audio experience. A speaker stand is specifically designed to enhance your listening pleasure, no matter what the application, optimizing sound quality by lifting them off the floor and away from walls that might cause distortion. But how do you know which ones are the right speaker stands for you? This quick guide will give you a few tips on how to buy speaker stands.

Consider the Size of the Speaker Stand

Speaker stands are available in a variety of sizes. You will want to match the basic size and shape of the speaker stand to the speakers you are buying the stand for. For example, if your speakers are square, then the speaker stand “tabletop” should be square as well. For a clean, aesthetic look, it should be the exact size or only slightly bigger than the base of the speakers.

VTI VSP Series Silver Speaker Stands

Consider the Weight Capacity of Speaker Stands

Speakers come in different sizes. Bigger speakers often mean that they are heavier than smaller sized speakers. Mounting a heavy speaker on a light-weight stand could mean trouble for both the speaker and the stand. Don’t risk it. Before purchasing a stereo speaker stand or a home theater speaker stand, check the manufacturer’s product information for the weight capacity of each speaker stand. Mounting a speaker on a stand that isn’t designed to properly support the speaker’s weight can make it top heavy and easy to tip over, risking permanent damage to your speakers.

Consider the Speaker Stand Design

Speaker stands not only enhance the sound quality of your stereo and entertainment systems, they also make your system more efficient and functional. Which type of speaker stands and home theater speaker stands you purchase will largely depend on the speaker system you are buying them for.

Rear speaker stands are suitable for home theater set-ups. Rear speakers, especially ones for home theater systems, tend to be smaller.

Ranging from small to large, surround sound speaker stands allow you to position your speakers correctly for the optimization of your home entertainment system. By raising the speakers to ear level, sound quality is greatly improved.

Bello 30 Inch Black Metal Speaker Stands

Consider the Construction of Your Speaker Stands

To be of any use to you at all, speaker stands should be well-constructed, sturdy and durable; made from high-quality materials. Hardwood speaker stands are typically constructed from genuine woods or hardwood solids with real veneers. Metal speaker stands, particularly heavy gauge steel speaker stands, are meant to display your speakers to their best advantage while allowing for optimum functionality.

Metal speaker stands and hardwood speaker stands, from stereo speaker stands to home theater speaker stands to surround sound speaker stands, are available with a number of design features. Speaker stand design features include: grooves in the speaker stand column to hide wires from view; adjustable stand height; and floor spikes to reduce vibration.