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A Bookcase Adds Class and Elegance to Any Room

The bookcaseis an important piece of office furniture as it not only acts as a functional storage unit that holds a number of items ranging from books to photographs, but also becomes an attractive piece of furniture that can play a big part in the room’s décor. The bookcase that you end up choosing should fit a few basic requirements: it should complement the style of the room, it should have enough space to hold your books and other items, and it should protect your books from taking any considerable damage.

Sauder Harbor View Library Wall Bookcase in Antiqued White

Bookcase Size

The size of your bookcase will depend entirely upon the size of your book collection. If you have a small to medium sized assortment of books that you’d like to put on display, a two-shelf bookcase will easily do the trick. If you have a smaller office, these two or three-shelf bookcases are a nice addition, adding the aesthetic a bookcase provides without dominating the room or taking up much-needed space.

Another option for smaller rooms is the corner bookcase. Designed to fit in room corners, these bookcases make use of an area of the room that is often left vacant because it can be an awkward fit for most furniture. Because it utilizes this space, it frees up the conventional area of the room for other furniture, making the room feel bigger.

Barrister Bookcases

If your main concern is protecting your books from damage, then a barrister bookcase should be at top of your list. Barrister bookcases have glass doors which keep your books protected from smudges, creases, fingerprints, dust and even sunlight. Barrister bookcases are cabinet-like, with glass doors that separate your collection from the outside world.

The barrister bookcase is your best option for keeping your books in near-perfect condition. Even books kept safely tucked away in a standard bookcase will protect pages and covers from dust and sunlight damage. Some barrister glass doors can be tinted to reduce fading from sunlight, while regular glass doors do a great job of keeping out dust.

Because of their cabinet shape, barrister bookcases can be stack on top of each other to create a super-cabinet of sorts. This is a great option if your book collection is quite significant.

Homelegance Hanna 4 Piece Wood Barrister Bookcase Set in White
Altra Furniture 8 Cube Bookcase in Espresso Finish

Book Setup

After you’ve picked out the ideal spot for your bookcase and the type of bookcase that is the best fit with your room, it’s time to organize your books. How you decide to set up your book collection is entirely up to you, but there are a few things you can do to make the setup more aesthetically pleasing.

First, separate your books into different categories (hardcovers, paperbacks, graphic novels etc.). Your collection will have better visual symmetry if each shelf is made up of the same type of book. Try to arrange by size or cover color to give your bookcase balance. For extra visual layers and a sense of ownership, try adding photographs or other small personal items to the shelves.

Bookcases bring a touch of class to any room, so don’t hesitate to add one to a number of different rooms in your home or office.