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At we carry an excellent selection of handbags and high-quality handbags by top name brand manufacturers like Baggallini, Moonsus, Bamboo 54, Piel Leather and McKlein. A handbag is a very handy accessory to have: it carries everything you need to get you through your day, from cosmetics to ID to a hairbrush to your cell phone. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, from conservative styles to the bold and the adventurous. Because handbags are designed to go where you go, they are available with a variety of different features intended to help keep you focused and organized. Luggagetopia has everything you need, from traditional handbags and purses to classic clutches and roomy totes.
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You might have a favorite handbag that you use on a daily or regular basis, but you know you need (want) more than one. Handbags, because of their numerous features, can have an all-purpose application or be used for a specific activity or event. Choose the one that is most useful to you. offers choice selection of clutches. A clutch makes a great purse when you don’t need two free hands, like when you’re going out for dinner as opposed to grocery shopping. To maximize carrying and storage capacity, totes are exceptionally useful for anything from a trip to the mall to a weekend getaway. Organizers are a special type of handbag that let you manage your day (and your life) exactly the way that is most convenient for you.

At, we offer you the lowest prices possible on top brand name products. All of our handbags, clutches, totes and purses, including our high-quality handbags come with the manufacturer's warranty. For most of our great handbags and totes, shipping is FREE and you don't pay sales tax. Choose a high quality and well-crafted handbag, tote or purse from Luggagetopia today and it’s sure to provide enjoyment (and functionality) for many years to come.