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Electronic Safes, Gun Safes, Home Safes at Discount Prices

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Safes to Protect Your Valuables and Documents

We all have precious treasures – be it jewellery, coins, artefacts, or heirlooms – that we would be heartbroken to lose. A home safe is a great way to help build a lasting peace of mind that your valuables are beyond the danger and wear of everyday life.
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To protect money and treasures at home, a wall safe or key safe is a good start. If your house suffers a break-in, your essentials will be safe and sound afterwards.

Who doesn’t have important personal documents at home? Ensure your passport, birth certificate, will, and any other critical papers are secure – from damage as well as theft. Chose a fire safe of the peace of mind that your family’s most important items are fully protected.

Do you own fire arms? Firearm owners fully appreciate the importance of a gun safety. Our selection of gun safes includes digital safe models that can ensure that your firearms will be securely contained. We even have pistol safes, for handguns and small rounds. When you keep firearms at home, the security of an electronic safe with digital features is invaluable.

Commercial Safes

Commercially, we sell two main kinds of safes, hotel safes and Depository Safes. Everybody is familiar with hotel safes. They are a great service for your guests, especially those traveling from abroad. If your guests have been asking about in-suite safe's we have the perfect products for you.

A depository safe brings the heavy duty protection a large business demands. Cymax offers a number of heavy duty safes for other commercial environments including pharmacies and hospitals. For the ultimate in security, select a biometric safe and know that only your fingerprint is the key.

Cymax brings you a selection of security products broad enough to help you find the right safe, regardless of how basic or demanding your security requirements are. From a simple cash box, to a large free-standing electronic safe, we’ve got your needs covered.