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Find the Perfect 60 inch TV Stand for your new Big Screen TV

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60" and 60"+ TV Stands

If you have recently supersized your TV, you will probably need to buy a large new TV standto match. Our extensive collection has a number of large TV stands (60” or more) that will fit your requirements whether you have a plasma TV or a large LCD TV. Choose open shelves to show off your components or closed cabinets to stash your DVD collection. A stand with an integrated mount or a swivel offers even more flexibility. We have designs for all tastes and styles and our easy-to-navigate website makes it a cinch for you to find the perfect one for you.
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Are you looking for help in finding the perfect width for your new TV stand?

Many customer have trouble matching up the width of a TV stand, with the width of their new TV. TV's are measured diagonally, however stands are measured horizontally. Ideally the width of the TV matches the width of your TV stand, however it can be a hazard if your stand is too small. We have created a helpful guide for estimating the width of your TV, to help you find the best stand, but the best thing to do is measure the width, or consult your manufacturers website.

Do you have a 60 inch TV?

If you have purchased a 60 inch TV, feel free to buy 60 inch tv stand, however keep in mind that your TV might actually be only 54 inches wide (depending on the size of the bezel). If you are looking for something smaller, try our looking for a different stand in our selection of TV stands between 54 and 59 inches. If you are interested in matching up the size of your TV, take a look at our guide, and verify your tv's width on the manufactures' website.