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Welcome to the World of Wynwood Furniture

Based out of Louisville, KY, Wynwood creates trendy, intricately carved wood furniture for the discerning buyer. Current company President Joe Hill continues keeping his company on top of current and future trends through fashion consultants who travel the world looking for the next top trends in textiles and design. This keeps Wynwood furniture current and always competitive with their price points.
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Wynwood Dressers

If the old family cottage needs an update, why not transform it with turn-of-the-century style? Wynwood has created a beautiful line of traditional wood dressers with a hint of European flair. Create a grandiose feel with an Old World style dresser in your bedroom at home or at the family cottage.

Wynwood also has a dresser which hints of traditional Mediterranean style that will create a fantastic ambiance of hand-picked olives, fresh-pressed olive oil and wild oregano drying in the sun. Add some early 19th century charm with a Wynwood dresser that subtly exudes old fashioned Americana-meets-colonial tradition with carved baluster end posts.

Welcome the ocean breeze with open windows, flowing sheer curtains and a new Wynwood coastal style dresser. Bun feet and beadboard details combined with an antique finish help you relax after a hard day’s work. A modern home will appreciate the pared down boxy style of the Wynwood dresser urban collection. Simple shapes add a hint of elegance to your otherwise cluttered home.

Your guest room will look smashing with a tall chest Wynwood dresser. The classic Wynwood attention to detail is blended with a modern touch that will invite your guests to enjoy the comforts of home. Angled in the corner, this Wynwood dresser can blend seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom without taking up the floor space that a triple dresser would need.

A triple dresser with a cabinet door will not only provide a great start to store your teenager’s apparel collection but it can also be a great place to keep her jewelry handy. Complete your bedroom’s relaxed aura with a matching mirror for your dresser. A Wynwood mirrored dresser set is perfect for any bedroom and will give you more time to hang out with your kids at the end of the work day.

Your new Wynwood dresser is available in a wide variety of finishes ranging from antiqued stains for a heritage feel to warm woodsy tones such as nutmeg and burnished pine. Or go modern with espresso, hazelnut or cabernet blends. Whatever finish you decide upon, you will rest easy knowing that you’ve just purchased the dresser you’ve been dreaming about for the past few years.

Discount Furniture

Cymax offers the savvy shopper a delectable blend of designer home and office furniture at budget-friendly prices. Select your favorite design from top brands such as Wynwood and more. Add a little more wiggle room to your furniture budget with free shipping on most purchases.