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Coaster Corner Bookcase with Open Side in Cappuccino

Shopping for a bookcase isn’t as simple as picking out a color that you like. You’ll need to factor in the size of the room, the space available for a bookcase, the style of furniture in the room, how many books you have and more. If you have a smaller room, or there isn’t much space available for another piece of furniture, then a wood corner bookcase might be just the thing you’re looking for.

The corner bookcase is unique in that it is designed to fit in hard-to-fit corners that would otherwise go unused. This gives you an additional bit of space that is usually ignored when it comes to decorating a room. The shape of a corner bookcase also allows you to place them next to all right-angled walls and furniture (90-degree angles).

Corner Bookcase Placement

Coaster Corner Bookcase

A wood corner bookcase, fittingly, fits into the corners of your room. These are ideal bookcases for those smaller, tighter rooms. A standard-sized book case might simply take up too much room, which opens the door for a wood corner bookcase. Before you begin browsing for a corner bookcase, it’s important that you take the proper measurements. Measure the space twice just to be sure. Once you have a measurement, you’ll know just how big a bookcase you need.

Depending on how much room you have, you’ll have to choose between a freestanding and a wall-mounted corner bookcase. Another consideration is how tall you want your bookcase to be. A bookcase that nearly touches the ceiling may look out of place when compared with the rest of your low-to-the-ground furniture. On the other hand, shorter bookcases don’t have the same amount of storage capacity, so you’ll have to weight out the pros and cons.

Safco 2 Shelf Black Bookcase

Book Setup

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have enough room for all of your books (it is a bookcase after all.) If you have a wide assortment of books (hardcovers, paperbacks, graphic novels etc.) then you might want to look for a wood corner bookcase with adjustable shelving. Adjustable shelves give you more freedom to create a bookcase that showcases visual flair. Adjust the shelves so that there’s more space for a hardcover row, less space for paperbacks, and perhaps additional space for a vase or another showpiece.

Another things you can do to create visual interest is through book arrangement. Sure, you can stock your shelves as if you were in a library, but why not do something a little different? Stack books on the outside of your rows, add accessories like photographs or figurines; anything that has a certain visual panache.

A bookcase adds a touch of sophistication and regality to any room, so don’t hesitate just because you think you don’t have enough space. A wood corner bookcase is the perfect solution for tiny or cramped rooms, and is a must for anyone with a growing book collection they want to showcase.

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