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Pulaski Chests

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The Fine Furniture of Pulaski

In 1955, Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation began by taking up shop in what was once the RCA Victor cabinet shop in Pulaski, VA. To break into the tough furniture market, Pulaski began making furniture that even the poorer population could afford for the bedroom and dining room. Two short years later, Pulaski had grown large enough to open its own showroom in Chicago, IL. They eventually expanded into the accent furniture market through the purchase of Morris Novelty Corporation in Martinsville, VA . In 1962, Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation rebranded itself into Pulaski Furniture Company. Through various acquisitions throughout the past fifty years, Pulaski has earned its reputation as a well-crafted, durable and unique furniture company for not only the home, but for the office as well.
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Pulaski Chests

Create a buzz among your circle of friends and family with a new Pulaski chest. The traditional chests from Pulaski are designed with Old World Spain and England in mind. Intricately carved details, the robust size that is fit for royalty and durable finishes mean your chest will adorn your room for many years to come.

A contemporary Pulaski chest shines as you delight in its casual appearance. Pulaski’s transitional chest dressers entice you to kick up your feet and relax, thinking back to olden times with simpler pleasures.

A bureau style gentleman’s chest is filled with drawers for all occasions. This is the perfect chest to satisfy everyone in the house. Add a fabulous addition to your stately master suite with a Pulaksi mirrored man’s chest. Not only is there plenty of storage, but the rack behind the mirrored cabinet door is perfect for hiding your husband’s blazers for work or your collection of little black dresses. Or try a bachelors chest and bed chest instead. Both are the perfect addition to your bedroom in size and stature. They are not as large as the gentleman’s mirrored chest, but not too small either.

A Pulaski media chest is perfect for not only your room but your youth’s bedroom as well. Interchangeable drawers in the youth chest dresser by Pulaski change your child’s room to match their evolving personality.

Regardless of what chest style suits your fancy, the wide range of both classic and trendy finishes will keep your Pulaski chest a chic for years to come.

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