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Portable Gas Grill, Outdoor Grills, Hibachi BBQ Grills

Portable Grills

We carry several types of portable grills, including Hibachi, Charcoal, Propane and even infrared. They come in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges and prices. They are perfect as apartment grills, or for taking to the beach, campground or pick-nic. Their versatility makes them one of the most sought after product groups on our site.

Hibachi Grills

Hibachis are a type of charcoal grill that originated in Japan. If you are looking for an inexpensive and ultra-portable grill, this is the type of grill you should be purchasing. They have no bells and whistles and are typically made from cast iron. Many consumers confuse the word hibachi with charcoal grill, and they are not necessarily the same thing. If you are looking for either a Hibachi or just any regular portable grill, you have come to the right place. The most popular model is the weber Smokey Joe Silver and the Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere.

Liquid Propane Portable Grills

Our LP grills are the ultimate of convenience cooking. Take these grills anywhere, they are lightweight, and many such as the weber Q’s offer electronic ignition. Perfect for the campsite, and can come with stands small enough for your balcony. These grills are for those who don’t need two barbecues and are looking for a good medium between a full size barbecue and a smaller portable grill. Another fantastic example of a portable gas grill is the Pro-Iroda 1000 series. Often overlooked, the Pro-Iroda portable grill cooks with a 9000 BTU’s, comes in a variety of colours, and weighs only 18 lbs.

Other Fuel Types

Along with the Charcoal and Gas Grills, we also carry a selection of electric grills, and even some portable infrared grills. These grills tend to be more expensive, however they offer a great solution to charcoal and gas grills as there is no need to get something extra from the store. They do not require propane refills, bags of charcoal, or lighter fluid. Some of the best deals on infrared grills are in this portable grills category, including the Napoleon Prestige II at just over $300. We also have entry level Electric grills like the George Foreman indoor outdoor and the Napoleon Freestyle Portable Electric City Grill. Most Grills qualify for free shipping, which is clearly marked on the product page.