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Patio Heaters for Chilly Nights or Cool Days

Getting the most out of outdoor living space can be challenging if your climate includes cool nights and overcast days. All it takes is a mild chill in the air after a warm summer day to give you the shivers if you linger outside. Patio heaters can rescue your outdoor plans when poor weather sets in.

If you’ve experienced the power of outdoor patio heaters at a restaurant or other commercial establishment, you’ve probably thought, “Wouldn’t this be great in my own back yard.” Don’t dismiss the idea; the same kind of electric and propane patio heaters can be more economical than you might think.

Produced in many sizes and styles, fueled by electricity or gas, many small table top patio heaters cost less than $150. Even if you have your heart set on a large lamp post style patio heater, you could still spend less than $200, depending on the finish you select.

In addition to a Fire Sense patio heater, you’ll find heaters from other home heat brands you recognize. Look for Uniflame patio heaters along with Outdoor Great Room, Napoleon and several more.

Electric or Gas Patio Heaters?

Has your experience with an old electric space heater left you wondering if outdoor electric patio heaters could actually work for you? The infrared technology used in many models of contemporary electric patio heaters will totally redefine your idea of electric heat.

If you decide to go with gas patio heaters, you have a choice between natural gas patio heaters and more portable propane patio heaters. Since natural gas patio heaters require the installation of gas lines, you may want to choose propane if you rent, or if you might want to move your outdoor patio heaters from one part of your yard to another as the mood strikes. Whether you choose electric patio heaters or either form of gas patio heaters, the today’s selection should meet your needs.

If you prefer a patio heater as your brand of choice, you won’t limit yourself to either propane patio heaters or electric patio heaters, as they manufacture both styles. You could opt for several variations of infrared electric heaters or propane gas patio heaters.

Patio Heaters for Smaller Spaces

To heat an apartment balcony or the back deck of a townhouse, look for the above mentioned infrared electric patio heaters that mount to a wall or pillar. These innovative outdoor patio heaters heat the space around them and won’t waste energy by heating air that can be blown away.

Table top patio heaters that resemble reading lamps are a stylish way to have propane patio heaters in spaces that won’t easily accommodate the larger lamp post styles that have become quite popular. If a faux reading lamp isn’t what you’re looking for in table top patio heaters, you could choose a half-size version of the lamp post style. To heat a smaller deck or patio, you could also combine a taller full-size and one or two table top patio heaters that coordinate for an added sense of style.

Whichever style of outdoor patio heaters you choose, You’ll be amazed at how much power even the most compact patio heaters can put out, turning your smaller space toasty and cozy in no time.