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Why Buy an Electric Fireplace Insert

Lets face it, we all love the look and warmth of a wood burning fireplace, but it is a stone age technology that has no place in modern life. Have you ever stopped to consider the issues with your traditional wood burner? Hot air travels, for the most part, straight up the chimney, most of released by burning the wood goes straight outside your home. Further more, there is always an inherent danger with a wood burning fireplace, and many renters are forbidden from lighting up fireplaces inside their homes. Heat lost through the chimney while the fire is off is another concern.
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Why Electric Fireplace Inserts are the Best Option

Electric fireplace inserts are about convenience and efficiency, and to top it off, most modern models look great. They are by far the easiest of all the different types of inserts to install; just place it in your hearth, and plug it into the wall. There is also no need to buy wood, or replacement gel fuel, so operating your fireplace couldn't get easier. Actually most electric inserts come with remote controls, so you don't even have to leave your seat.

Another thing to consider about electric fireplaces is the efficiency that they run at. Although electricity may cost slightly more than natural gas in your area, electric fireplaces are generally far less expensive and less dangerous to run. Electric fireplace inserts also run at nearly 100% efficiency, and none of the heat is sucked out through your chimney. To make matters even better, you can easily control your electric insert so you can see the flames, but keep the heat from turning on (best used in the summer time when your home is warm, but when you want to enjoy the ambiance of the fire).

The last reason why electric insert fireplaces are the best is because they look great, especially recently where the flames on electric fireplaces have become more and more realistic. Combine your electric fireplace with a screen and some accessories like fire sets and your electric fireplace insert will look just like the original.