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Stylish Mens Briefcases and Womens Briefcases
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At, we carry stylish men’s briefcases and women’s briefcases in all colors, styles and sizes. Want to be able to carry your laptop safely from home to work and back again? Would you like a rolling briefcase for when you have to travel? Rolling briefcases combine the practicality of a briefcase with the functionality of a carry-on. Need a briefcase with a file fan? Be prepared for a busy day at the office: women’s briefcases are specifically designed to meet the needs of the busy business professional on the go. You are sure to find a briefcase configured to meet your needs and all of your professional requirements.

The leather attache case and the leather briefcase are still classics. Aluminum briefcases are a sophisticated way to protect valuable items and documents. In addition to a choice selection of womens briefcases, Luggagetopia also carries a smart and stylish selection of designer handbags, quality handbags and discount handbags.

The briefcase, attaché case, leather briefcase or aluminum briefcase that you choose, says a lot about you, both what you have accomplished and those future goals you have set for yourself. At, we make it easy for you to customize your briefcase with the exact color, style, type and construction material that perfectly expresses your great sense of style.

Finding exactly what you want doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. is designed for your convenience and allows you to search for a new briefcase, attaché case, leather briefcase or aluminum briefcase by different categories, including top brand name manufacturers like McKlein, Damiro, Piel Leather, Royce Leather and US Luggage. At Luggagetopia, we make it as easy as possible for you to shop online.

At, we offer a large variety of briefcases, attaché cases, leather briefcases and aluminum briefcases. Bring out the best business professional you can be with a little help from