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36" to 41" TV Stands Less than $190

36 Inch to 41 Inch TV Stands

Mid-sized TV stands are a popular choice today. They are neither too big nor too small, making them perfect fit for today’s casual home entertainment centers. They also provide a great way to get organized with their ample storage capacity. Place your TV on top of a 37 inch TV stand. Or choose a 40 inch TV stand with an integrated TV mount or swivel. Organize your DVDs right next to your DVD player in your choice of shelves, cabinets or drawers. We have a variety of different styles available from the sleek look of glass and aluminum to the classic style of warm oak. We have a massive selection of TV stands from all the best brands and low prices.
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How to choose a TV stand based on Size.

When picking a TV stand based on Size, it is important to consider that the width of your TV stand should not be narrower than you TV. A TV, even a plasma or LCD, that overhangs the edge of a TV is a potential safety hazard, and doesn't look nice aesthetically. This range of TV Stands is perfect for 41 to 47 inch TV's (measured diagonally). For more information on choosing an appropriately sized TV stand, consult our helpful guide.