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Trent Home Prenzo Nightstand




American Drew Cherry Grove Nightstand II




Pulaski San Mateo Nightstand




Tall Nightstands

If you like spending a lot of time in bed, be it to read or to watch TV, getting a nightstand at the right height is extremely useful. For reading, it provides the surface to place a bedside lamp and even your books and magazines. For watching TV, it provides the surface to place a beverage or some snacks. Imagine if the height was off, it would not be as easy to grab what you need, would it? Read More

Many people are in search of tall nightstands. This range is subjective as it is relative to the height of your bed. When choosing a nightstand, you should look for one that falls within a few inches of the level you sleep at. For convenience, we have grouped 30” to 35” nightstands as tall. If you find that this height is still not what you had in mind for a tall nightstand, take a look at our extra tall nightstands. Alternatively, if these stands are already too tall in height, check out our other lower height ranges.

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