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Bedroom Sets Buying Guide

What you need to Know When Buying a Dresser

Lexington Zacara Lowell 9 Drawer Double Bedroom Dresser in Sable

A dresser makes any bedroom more functional. Imagine if you had to hang everything up, including your socks! By adding a dresser, you increase your storage options, while making your living space more organized and clutter-free. The dresser is also an ideal place to put an extra table lamp, which is particularly helpful when you’re using your dresser mirror to brush your, touch up your makeup or straighten your tie. A dresser chosen to match or complement the style and color of the bed becomes a secondary focal point in the room. While a well-made dresser created from quality materials is important, so is style.


Before Going Shopping for a Dresser


Lea Elite Expressions Kids 9 Drawer Double Dresser in Root Beer Cherry Finish

Budget: Set a budget, especially if you have other bedroom furniture pieces you need to purchase. It will also help to keep you on target should you end up liking the expensive white dresser that will perfectly complement the accent color in the room more than you like the discount 6-drawer dresser.


Space: Measure the area where you intend to put the dresser. It will save you a few steps and a little heartache if you know off-hand exactly how much space you will have to fill. Especially if you think you might be interested in a chest of drawers or a lingerie chest, make sure it will fit an awkwardly shaped room like an attic or one with a low ceiling.


Purpose: Consider what you want to use the dresser for. This becomes especially pertinent if you live a climate that has distinct seasons. For example, if you intend on storing bulky winter sweaters, you may require a dresser or chest of drawers that includes drawers of different sizes; the deeper ones being reserved for seasonal clothing.


Types of Dressers


Stanley Furniture Tre Venti Oak Delano Door Double Dresser in Caramel

Door dresser: This type of dresser incorporates a door, usually in the center with a set of drawers placed on either side. The door can open onto a small cabinet with shelves, a small cabinet without shelves or even cubbies or pull-out trays. A door dresser tends to be wide than a standard 6-drawer dresser.


Single dresser: A single dresser generally has one column of drawers. While a single wood dresser might appear similar to a chest of drawers, a single dresser will stand waist high as opposed to a chest of drawers that commonly is chest height.


Double dresser: A double dresser has two columns of drawers. A 6-drawer dresser is the standard configuration for a double dresser, but they are available in several drawer combinations including four and eight. When a double dresser has an odd number of drawers, typically the first row contains smaller sized drawers.


Triple dresser: With a cabinet that accommodates three columns of drawers, a triple dresser offers maximum storage options, especially if you are sharing a room with limited closet space.

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