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What to Look For Baby Stroller and Car Seat Accessory

Caden Pink Baby Car Seat Cover


If you’ve already picked out a stroller and car seat for your baby, then you’re well on your way to traveling safely and securely with your little one. But there are car seat accessories and baby stroller accessories that can go a long way in improving trips both short and long.


Car Seat Accessories


Frong Mirror Car Seat Toy

Car seat accessories can be a great addition to your car seat, as long as you research and carefully choose which items you’d like to add. The first thing you need to do is read the warranty on your car seat, as adding certain kinds of accessories may void the warranty. Only add car seat attachments that are OK’d by the warranty.


A car seat base is a handy item because it allows you to keep the base of the seat in the car after you detach the car seat frame. This makes transport to and from the car much quicker. Make sure that you choose a base that is compatible with your car seat. Trying to mix and match bases that are incompatible with your car seat is a huge ‘No!’ no matter what the case.


Other car seat accessories include cup holders, blanket bundles that are like a fitted sleeping bag, decorated seat covers and attachable dangling toys that your baby can play with during the trip. Window shades and travel pillows will keep your baby content for even long outings.


Baby Stroller Accessories

Britax Baby Stroller Netting Kit

You’ll be spending plenty of time pushing your baby in a stroller. There are quite a few stroller accessories that will make your life much easier.


When you’re pushing your baby in a stroller, you’ll inevitably run into some natural annoyances that you’ll want to shield your baby from.  Parasols and mosquito nets are fine tools to battle the heat and sun as well as pesky insects. A stroller footmuff and blankets will keep your tot toasty in the colder seasons by fighting off that winter chill. Accessories like these will keep your baby comfortable no matter what mother nature throws your way.


You won’t have your hands free when you’re pushing your baby’s stroller, so you’ll need a few good storage items to keep things running smoothly. Cup holders might not sound like a big deal, but if you’re groggy after a sleepless night spent up with your baby, a hot cup of coffee will be just what the doctor ordered.


You’ll also be able to find storage compartments you can attach to your stroller that give you an extra spot for your keys or wallet. A stroller changing bag is extremely helpful, as you don’t want to be caught empty handed without diapers if your little one has an accident.


If you’re not traveling with your baby in the car or in the stroller, then you’ll probably want a travel harness that will keep both you and your baby comfortable.


No matter what mode of travel you choose, there are accessories available that will make the trip that much smoother.

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