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TV Armoires Buying Guide

Tips for Choosing Computer, TV and Wardrobe Armoires

No matter what type of armoire you are considering purchasing (excluding the jewelry armoire) there are some general things to look for that will be applicable to computer armoires, TV armoires and wardrobe armoires.

Armoires come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from squat and wide to tall and wide-bodied to tall, narrow and ornate. Measure the space where you want the armoire to go. Take into account any architectural features that might get in the way such as a low ceiling, a ceiling fixture like a light or fan or a window that will be blocked by the height of the TV armoire or wardrobe armoire.

The armoire has doors that open; some types of computer armoire doors open to 270 degrees, allowing you to fold them back against the sides. Take this into account when deciding where the armoire is to go. You want enough space to be able to open the doors without having to move furniture or the doors banging into a wall.

Armoires are available with different types of doors. Decide which kind would be most beneficial to you. Doors that open 270 degrees or pocket doors are especially useful when purchasing a computer armoire or a TV armoire.

  • 90 degrees – doors open straight out
  • 180 degrees – doors open out and to the sides
  • 270 degrees – doors open out, to the sides and back to rest against the outer walls of the armoire; they are also known as wrap-around doors
  • pocket doors – doors open straight and then slide back into the interior of the armoire

Today, many types of armoires come ready-to-assemble (RTA), but some don’t. If the armoire is going in a room that is accessible by stairs, make sure that the staircase will be tall and wide enough. Also check to see if there will be room to maneuver the armoire at an angle in order to get it up the stairs.

Even the more compact models of armoires can be substantial pieces of furniture. Before you go shopping, give some thought as to how your new TV armoire, computer armoire or wardrobe armoire will look and fit in the room you have bought it for.

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