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Bar Stools Buying Guide

The Bold Style Choice of Extra Tall Bar Stool

Great American Barstools

Do you have a home bar and want a new look? Or are you in the process of building a commercial bar and want to incorporate something eye-catching? For personal or business bar furniture purchases, you’ll take the bar experience to the next level with extra tall bar stools.


Taller than the standard bar height of 28-32 inches, extra tall stools really make a statement. The elegant look strikes even more contrast between the counter heights we’re used to of 24-27 inches. Extra tall bar stools work well in urban loft apartments with less floor space, but high ceilings. This higher seating style is a clever way to maximize the look and feel of a unique, yet otherwise compact space.


Alternately, you should measure carefully before adding extra tall (33-36) stools to a basement bar. You’ll want to be sure that the height of your bar island or table leaves a comfortable amount of room above the bar stool seats and the underside of your counter or table. A basement with a low ceiling may not be suitable for a home bar with extra tall bar stools.


Extra Tall Bar Stools for Public Places

Commercial spaces like restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, pubs, and (naturally) bars, can all make use of taller bar stool designs. A higher ceiling is much more common in these type of buildings and your only measurement concern could be working with your bar and table heights.


Depending on the themed atmosphere you hope to create, extra tall bar furniture may be essential to your décor. And the array of styles and finishes available for bar stools is sure to meet work well with your existing esthetics.


Bar Stool Styles and Colors

You might be thinking that going the extra tall  route might mean sacrificing selection. Not to worry; you’ll have frame choices in wood and metal. You’ll find bar stool designs in oak, wicker, rattan, cherry and mahogany. Or choose aluminum, chrome, bronze or black coated metal.


Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want a backless design with circular swivel seat that captures more of a 50’s-era diner. For those retro themes, choose vinyl seat cushion fabric – you’ll even find glitter and graphic image prints. A bright, shining chrome frame could be the perfect touch.


Conversely, you may want simple, clean lines, with less flash and color. For minimalist or economical bar stools, look for brands like Eurostyle, Home Styles, and Winsome with simple frames and basic backless seats.  For more traditional spaces, look for hearty wood like cherry or mahogany. Extras like carved claw-foot legs and brass stampings will probably increase your price tags, but you’ll achieve a striking look. To meet in the middle of the price and style spectrum, look for brands like Entrée.


Before you buy, be sure you browse the impressive range of extra tall, bar height, counter height, or whatever bar stool and table furniture combination best suits your needs. Whether you want metal or wood frames in your bar stools, you’ll have everything you want in size and selection when you shop online.

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