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Stylish Dimplex Electric Fireplaces for Any Room

dimplex holbook walnut electric fireplace

If you’re redecorating as the cooler months approach, you might be thinking about making room for a space heater. Why not consider a Dimplex electric fireplace? Maybe you’ve ruled out wood fireplaces before for hassle or health reasons, but it’s time for another look at today’s electric fireplaces.


Dimplex electric fireplaces offer a broad selection of realistic, high quality products. Not only can you choose a fireplace to match your décor, but you’ll be impressed with life-like flames. The simulated ember-speckled logs of some models seem to virtually glow with warmth – even when the fireplace is off!


Models with a remote control mean that your fireplace is easier to use than ever. In addition to not having to chop wood or clean up ashes, you can tend a fire from the comfort of your seat. You can turn up your Dimplex electric fireplace, or turn it off altogether, without lifting your blanket.


Mantel Electric Fireplace

The majestic presence of a traditional wood finish fireplace is unmistakable.

A new Dimplex electric fireplace loses none of that feeling with free-standing mantels that provide prominent display space for artwork, beloved photographs, vases, or anything you want to draw special attention to.


The impact of a Dimplex electric fireplace isn’t limited to the classic wood designs you’ve seen before. For contemporary interiors, choose a sleek, glossy black design or versatile white finish.


Wall Mounted Dimplex Electric Fireplac

Don’t let compact interiors constrain your design decisions. Wall mounted Dimplex electric fireplaces are a great way to add a fireplace to a smaller urban living spaces. Add a fireplace to other rooms as well, like your den, bedroom, or dining room.


Wall mounted Dimplex electric fireplaces let your imagination take off when you start to think about spaces you’d love to incorporate the soothing touch of a gentle flame. These thoughtfully designed, beautiful fireplaces come in traditional wood-framed designs and artful pebble or sand-filled models. Choose the fireplace that fits your décor and it will become the center of attention in that room.


Dimplex Corner Fireplace

Would you love to have a fireplace, but your space is really very limited? Consider a Dimplex corner fireplace that provides all the ambiance of a larger model, including the display space of a mantel, but tucks neatly into the corner of a room.


If you have no floor space available, compromise with wall mounted Dimplex corner fireplace. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to add a fireplace to any room. Once you really let your creativity loose, you may want to start adding other space saving solutions as well.


Dimplex Electric Fireplaces – Safe and Green

Adding a fireplace to your home is more than just a luxury now. If you’ve held back on having fireplaces in the past, particularly for the safety of young children, remember that many Dimplex electric fireplaces stay cool to the touch. You won’t risk chimney fires or stray embers either. Your fireplace will also be an environmentally friendly source of heat, using efficient electricity instead of wasteful wood or gas.

Many Dimplex electric fireplaces include air filtration technology called Purifire™ to remove allergens like mold, pollen, dander, and dust. Think about it; a fireplace that used to be the source of sneezing, wheezing and respiratory discomfort can now be part of your allergy-fighting arsenal.

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