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Steam showers Buying Guide

Steam Shower Buying Guide

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A steam shower is everything you could possibly want from a shower and more. Steam showers are the ultimate in luxury, as these spacious and beautifully designed fixtures perform not only a necessary function, but provide a multitude of special extras that will leave you feeling pampered. If you’ve never experienced a steam shower, you might not know exactly what to look for when you’re buying one. Let’s help you find a steam shower that meets all of your specifications.


Steam showers have been used in gyms and spas for years, and only recently became commonplace in the home. They’re known for helping to relax muscles and soothe creaky joints. Steam showers are usually self-enclosed units that prevent moisture from escaping into the rest of the room. Just imagine a steam shower as a mini-room that just happens to be a shower.


Steam Shower Price

Know going in that you’ll be paying more for a steam shower than you would for a regular bathtub or shower. This is because a steam shower is a self-contained unit that must be properly set up and fitted into a room with care and expertise. Because steam showers create so much moisture in the area, it’s important that the unit is constructed and sealed properly so as not to damage the rest of bathroom area.


Frame and Glass Shower Doors

dreamline shower door

You’ll also be paying for frame and glass door materials that can be counted on. For instance, you should be looking for aluminum frames that are at least 1.2 mm in thickness. You don’t want to buy a new steam shower only to discover that the frame is erratic or flimsy. Also, always choose metal over plastic when it comes to frames.


You have a few options when you’re picking out glass shower doors. You can choose frameless shower doors for added aesthetic, or go with a more straightforward design. Because you’re dealing with so much glass, it’s mandatory that you choose glass shower doors that are safe. Look for relatively thick, tempered glass shower doors, anywhere from 5-6 mm thick. Anything less than that and the doors will be much too fragile, especially if you accidentally slip and fall.


Built-in or Modular


If you’re putting a steam shower into your home, you’ll either have to design a room around the steam shower, install a modular unit or retro-fit an existing shower. Built-in steam showers are exactly what they sound like – units that are built into the parameters of the room. For example, a corner shower enclosure is a unit that fits perfectly into the corner, creating its own ‘room’ that is closed off from everything else.


Modular designs can be put together piece by piece, but if you’ve never put together a unit before, it’s advisable that you call someone with experience. The money saved by doing it yourself isn’t worth unexplainable leaks or low levels of steam production.


Steam Shower Extra Features


dreamline shower with holder


Steam showers are all about extravagance, so look for extra features that will make the experience that much more pleasant. Typical features you’ll find are quick-start warm-ups, in-shower radio or mp3 player, steam shower/sauna combinations, foot massagers, thermostatic control, individually controlled hand showers, waterfall showerheads and more.

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