Stand Computer Desks Less than 40"

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Tvilum Pierce Adjustable Standing Desk in Black Wood Grain and Silver



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Live your way, work your way. The Pierce flat desktop rises to any occasion with height adjustable legs keeping an ideal workstation while standing or sitting. This feature allows the decision to stan...
Mayline VariTask LT Series Power Adjustable Standing Workstation Desk



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Mayline VariTask LT Series Work Surface Corner Corner Dual Surface with DataCenter Keyboard Mechanism ; Drive System: 110V, 60Hz AC input, 12V DC motor. 120 lb. capacity. Draws 1.6 amps under full l...
Safco Xpressions Standing Desk Workstation



(62% OFF)


Stand up and take note with the Xpressions Stand-Up Workstation. Made from tempered glass, the desk surface can easily accommodate a laptop computer and creates a place for you to take notes, write do...
Jesper Office 200 Collection Height Adjustable Standing Desk in Cherry



(38% OFF)


Jesper Office 200 Collection Height Adjustable Standing Desk in Cherry has versatile design, and it is a great addition to your home. Its design is sure going to be loved by you and your family. ...
Jesper Office 205 Collection Adjustable Standing Desk in Cherry



(30% OFF)


This height adjustable standing desk has a large surface to work, play or read upon. Simply place the height adjustable desk next to your office chair or sofa to work comfortably either sitting or sta...

Stand Tall with a Standing Computer Desk

Today's modern working environments call for maximum flexibility. A standing desk might sound like a new invention but standing desks have actually been around since the 18th century, when they were popular in the homes of the very rich. Standing desks are also a great option for an academic environment or any office where presentations are frequently given. The standing desk allows the presenter access to their laptop without having to stoop or hunch over. Read More

Ergonomics in the Office

A standing computer desk is both flexible and more ergonomic than a regular desk. Studies show that standing at your desk decreases fatigue and back strain. It's also been proven that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to long term health complications. Having the ability to stand at your work desk goes a long way to warding off such problems.

Workstation Features

Standing desks are built for high performance. Shelves are a popular feature and allow you to store away your computer, keyboard and even your printer. Many standing desks are adjustable in height which is an ideal feature for many working environments. However, it is good to note that there is no standard height for a standing desk. Choosing one that is adjustable is a wise decision since it can be adjusted to the height of the user. Some standing desks cannot be adjusted so be sure to double check. Another popular option for standing desks are casters. Mobility is often crucial for many working environments, especially in the high tech sector.

Shopping at Cymax

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