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Rowing Machines Buying Guide

Rowing Machines that Take You to the Finish Line

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Unless you’re already a competitive rower, you might be asking yourself how you could benefit from the workout rowing machines have to offer. If you think these machines are just for arms, think again. Picture the motion required to complete a rowing cycle. You must reach far forward and pull completely backwards, pushing with your legs and stretching your abdominal muscles.


Needless to say, rowing machines actually provide a full-body work out. Rowing has muscle-toning and cardiovascular benefits, yet offers low-impact exercise. Rowing machines are also known for strengthening the back and buttocks.


Trusted brands like Stamina Products and Phoenix Health & Fitness bring you several designs of aluminum arm or t-bar handle and pull-cord rowing machines. Relative to other pieces of equipment, most rowing machines are extremely affordable. Your choice of products can include extra features without increasing the price tag too dramatically.


Compact Folding Rowing Machines


If you already own fitness equipment, you know how quickly they can claim precious floor space. Having your equipment lying on the ground, particularly if it’s only used a few times per week, can start to become frustrating. Look for folding rowing machines to prevent the resentment that comes from tripping over a machine in the middle of the night.


Folding rowing machines are often lightweight and can easily move from one room to another. Whether you would like leave your machine stored while not in use or simply like to mix up your workout surroundings, folding rowing machines serve both needs equally well.


One of the more basic folding rowing machines on the market might be the right choice if you plan to use it in conjunction with other equipment or activities. However, if you’ll be rowing as your primary source of exercise, consider high-end magnetic rowing machines that offer more features to help you vary your routine.


Pull-cord and Magnetic Rowing Machines


To maximize the toning and muscle-building component of your workout, look for magnetic rowing machines that can offer increased resistance levels. As your fitness results progress, you’ll want to continue notching up the difficulty. Even if you stick to a fitness program with loyal regularity, your body will adjust or “plateau” and your weight loss or toning goals can remain out of reach. Magnetic rowing machines can help you easily add the variation you need to stay on track.


The most common design for magnetic rowing machines is a t-shaped bar attached to a cord or chain. An LCD panel includes buttons or dials that electronically increase and decrease the machine’s magnetic grip. This function can be silent compared to the resistance methods used in other exercise equipment, such as friction straps or squeaky pulleys.


Overall, you’ve probably discovered that your choices in rowing machines do not have the diversity of other exercise equipment like bikes or ellipticals. But don’t let that fool you. Rowing machines – if you take the time to select the right model – have impressive fitness potential anyone can benefit from. Once you get in the rhythm of using your rowing machine, you’ll be racing to the finish line for your fitness goals.

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