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Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

Relax Out Back Under A Patio Table Umbrella

Once you have furniture in your back yard or on your patio, you’ll start getting excited to make the most of sharing meals and conversations outdoors. But you might not have an awning or nearby tree to shield you from the sun. Don’t let powerful rays send you back inside. Add a patio table umbrella to your outdoor furniture and you’ll have the protection you need to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort.

Patio umbrellas make great additions to back yards, patios, decks or any place you want to spend time outdoors without risking the damage of sunburns. Choose a portable model, and you can take your patio or table umbrella to the park or on a camping trip.

Whatever sorts of patio umbrellas interest you, be sure to set your budget before browsing extensively. You’ll still be able to find a patio tilt umbrella or themed table umbrella within a budget, but your selection will get smaller as you reduce price. Once you have a price range, move on to prioritizing form and function.

Outsmart the Sun with a Patio Tilt Umbrella

Many outdoor spaces are completely open and receive direct sun all day long. Consider a patio tilt umbrella to expertly shift your sun protection as the day progresses and you won’t worry about shuffling seats before and after lunch.

A patio tilt umbrella makes a great accessory for beaches as well as back yards and parks. For a personal purchase, look for a lightweight base you can carry, but that will still stabilize your patio tilt umbrella, should the wind catch it from the wrong angle. If you’ll be furnishing a beachfront diner or resort grounds, look for extra durable patio umbrellas to remain outdoors full time.

A Big and Bright Patio Umbrella

Selection on the market today includes popular brands like an Oakland Living or International Caravan umbrella. You’ll find that patio umbrellas come in an array of colors to suit your taste or any other décor you might have in place. If you’re eager to find a match for the fabric or upholstery of your existing outdoor furniture, browse the selection of patio umbrella products for a great variety in style and color.

Go Farther Out Back with a Patio Umbrella

Some clever patio umbrella designs have the flexibility to work with patio furniture not equipped for a table umbrella. Look at a cantilever patio umbrella if you want to shade your patio dining set directly, but the table doesn’t have an umbrella hole through the middle.

Once you start browsing patio umbrella products like sun shades and sails, you’ll really get creative with sun protection ideas. Consider a highly adaptable sail tied off to trees or other outdoor structures to provide shade over ground that may be too uneven to support the base of an outdoor umbrella.

When you select the table, cantilever, or patio tilt umbrella that works within your budget and meets your needs, purchase your umbrella online to get a real bargain. You may be concerned about shipping charges for a large and possibly heavy item like an Oakland Living patio umbrella, but keep in mind that many patio umbrellas can be purchased with free shipping.

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