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Playing Cards Buying Guide

Picking the Perfect Playing Cards

Trademark Playing Cards Regular Size


If poker was a football game, then the playing cards are the football; you can’t play a game without them. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that every deck of playing cards is the same. While the majority of playing cards share many similarities, certain brands have a different feel or design that could be to your liking. Don’t get lost in the shuffle; here are a few tips for finding the right deck of playing cards.


How Many Playing Cards Do You Need?


It’s always important to carry at least one spare deck with you whenever you’re planning on playing a game of poker or bridge. If a card is lost or damaged, it can ruin an entire game. Many brands sell two decks in each package for just this reason.  But the unofficial rule is to have three or more decks in the room, just in case.


Playing Card Material


Playingt Card Material


There are really only two types of playing cards, 100% plastic and everything else. You’ll be able to find vinyl or plastic-coated cards anywhere; these are your typical grocery store playing cards. These mass produced cards are perfect for casual players who aren’t using the cards on a regular basis. If you use these cards regularly, you’ll start running into problems. These cards bend and tear easily, and are hard to clean without being damaged. Any sort of mark on the card can make it easily identifiable, which can negatively affect a game.


Plastic playing cards are what the pros use, and for good reason. These are the decks used in casinos at professional tournaments. While they will cost you a bit more, it’s worth the extra few bucks. These playing cards don’t crease, tear or mark, and they’re extremely durable. These cards have a great feel, and along with feeling great in your hands, will slide smoothly across the poker table. Plastic playing cards are also incredibly easy to clean, and they’re the only type of cards that can be used in an automatic shuffler.


Brand Name Playing Cards


JP Commerce Bicycle Playing Card

There is a great selection of different brand-name playing cards to choose from, and it’s a matter of personal preference as to which one you end up choosing. Try out multiple different brands and decks and get a feel for which ones you like. Probably the most popular and well-known brand are bicycle playing cards. But there are other popular and high-quality decks that are well known in the world of poker.


KEM playing cards, Copag playing cards and Jumbo playing cards have seen an increase in sales in recent years. Another very well-liked option is official World Poker Tour cards. These playing cards have made a huge push as the World Poker Tour has gained momentum and mainstream acceptance in the last decade.


Playing Card Size

For the most part, playing cards are the same size across all brands. 2 ½ x 3 ½ is the industry standard for most poker cards, while bridge playing cards are generally 3 ¼ x 3 ½.

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