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Money Safes and Cash Box Buying Guide

MMF Industries Cash Box

If you’re looking for a place to store your cash and other small valuables, there’s no better place than a money safe or cash box. These security items are a great way to protect your loot from crooks and curious fingers. So how can you put a money cash box or money safe to the best use? Read on.


Money safes and cash boxes got their names for a reason – they’re perfect places to store your cash and bills. But if you’re only using them to store money, then you’re really not getting everything out of these security units. Other items you should consider storing in a locking cash box are credit cards, passports, birth certificates, jewelry, traveler’s checks, and other important information and other important pieces. While a gun safe would be preferable, you can store a gun in a combination cash box or money safe.


Another great idea is to store personal keepsakes like photographs. Pick a few of your favorite photos and keep them in your cash box. This way you’ll never have to worry about losing your cherished photos, and you’ll always know where they are when you need a look.


Money Safe Placement


Gardall Money Chest

Take a moment to think about where in your home you want to place your safe or cash box. You’ll have to find a good balance between convenience and a good hiding spot. If you create too elaborate of a hiding space, you will probably not use your money safe or cash box regularly. But if you choose too obvious a spot, thieves will beeline to it, giving them more time to break in. Keep your security box somewhere close by and you’ll use it on a regular basis, but don’t leave it out in the open. The longer you can delay the thief, the better chance you have at protecting your things.


If you have a secret spot, such as under a floor board or a hidden panel behind a picture, then that’s perfect. One or two steps to access your safe are fine, anything more than that and it becomes a hindrance rather than a help.


Types of Money Safes and Cash Boxes


MMF Industries SteelMaster Cash Box

Your general locking cash box will have a simple key lock. These are convenient and durable, so you won’t have to worry about the lock jamming or breaking. You will have to find a spot to keep your key, though. Your keychain and desk drawer are two examples of easy-to-remember spots. A combination cash box or money safe is your standard, tried-and-true combination lock. You’ll memorize a combination and be all set. These locks are extremely durable, and while they may take you an extra few moments, are reliable and tough to crack.


Electronic safes have made big strides in recent years, and are much more reliable now. For these, you’ll have to enter a pin number into a digital keypad to open the safe. Whichever cash box or money safe you choose, it’s important that you keep your money and valuable in a secure and safe place around your home or office.

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