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Mele and Co. Chelsea Jewelry Armoire in Dark Walnut



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Features: Jewelry armoire in dark walnut finish; Made of wood; Hand lined in sueded fabric; Scalloped lift lid with interior beveled mirror; Elegant rounded front profile; Top compartment features 3...
Mele and Co. Addison Jewelry Armoire in Walnut



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Features: Jewelry armoire in walnut finish; Lift lid with interior mirror; Top compartment features central ring roll section flanked by six open sections; Four open drawers; Dual necklace doors hou...
Mele and Co. Louisa Girl's Pink and White Jewelry Armoire



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Features: Pink and white wooden jewelry armoire; Made of wood; Pink sueded fabric lining; Scalloped lift lid with mirror; Top compartment has ring rolls flanked by four open sections; Dual necklace ...

Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires are the ultimate storage solution for your most precious belongings. These freestanding jewelry cabinets offer plenty of room for all of your things. Anyone with a large jewelry collection will appreciate how important it is to stay organized. Jewelry is both precious and delicate; it only makes sense to take care of a collection that you have spent time and money on.Read More

Jewelry armoires range in size from petite to the size of an actual wardrobe. Choose the right size by taking an honest assessment of your needs. In general, there are three sizes of jewelry armoires to choose from. Wall mounted jewelry armoires are the space-saving option. However, hanging jewelry armoires also tends to be small so they work best for those with a smaller jewelry collection. Dresser top jewelry armoires can fit almost anywhere. They add to the vertical space in your bedroom without taking up valuable floor space. Like the wall mounted units, they tend to be on the small side. A tall jewelry armoire is the ultimate storage solution for those lucky enough to possess a large jewelry collection. These standing jewelry chests are accents in their own right so feel free to go all out and purchase a lovely antique inspired design.

Jewelry Armoire Design Features:

  • Mirrors - Many jewelry armoires are designed with a built-in mirror making it easy to select just the right piece. A small standing cheval mirror is a classic choice.
  • Illumination - A fancy jewelry armoire will have all the bells and whistles like built-in lighting. A mirror with vanity style lighting is a great addition. Many jewelry armoires have been designed with side doors as well as a lift top.
  • Security Features - Keeping your jewelry secure is always a smart idea. Amp up your security with a jewelry cabinet that can be secured with a lock and key.