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End Tables Buying Guide

Maximize Your Living Space with End Tables

powell mission oak magazine end table

Are you always looking for a new lifestyle solution for your home? Do you regularly find yourself juggling coffee cups and drink glasses with lamps and magazines? Why not add an end table? Having the extra surface space of just one or two end tables in your living room, basement, or den can give your home a feeling of organized comfort.


In addition to surface space, many end table designs include drawers, racks, shelves, tiers, and cabinets. End tables can be great for clutter prevention or just the convenience of things at hand.


If you already own end tables, you now how practical they can be. Think about how new end tables would affect the tone of your décor. A small change can go a long way if your redecorating budget is relatively modest.


Artfully Coordinated Coffee and End Tables


When shopping for end tables, consider your available space and the impact you want to achieve with your furniture. If you have space, matching coffee and end tables can be the design choice that ties your room together.


End table designs are so diverse that you’ll likely find a model to thoughtfully accent the sofa and coffee table you already own. For example a round end table could pair nicely with a plush sofa in a spacious room. Or alternately, in a compact urban space with hard lines, a small square end table might be the best choice.


Designer End Tables Do the Work For You


If you have a favorite manufacturer you’ve purchased other furniture from in the past, returning to that brand for end tables might seem like the easy way out. But there are good reasons to look for a trusted name you’ve bought from before.


If you bought a Magnussen or a Nexera entertainment center last year, selecting a set of their matching coffee and end tables are more likely to complement your earlier choice. And if you’ve been pleased with your purchase, chances are good you’ll be happy again with your coffee and end tables.


End Tables for Small Spaces


Maybe your den or studio apartment is so compact, you’ve opted to skip a coffee table altogether. You can still enjoy the convenience of table space near your couch with a smaller 18 inch end table. Add one end table to either side for a surprisingly guest-friendly setting.


Storage features may be all the more important in your choice of end tables if your living space becomes easily cluttered. As many storage-oriented models come in larger sizes, be sure to measure your space for any square or round end table you’re considering.


Affordable End Table Designs


From second homes and spare rooms to student and young professional apartments, the choice to add an end table doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase a single cheap end table to pair with your futon or convertible sofa in a tight room.  Select a cast iron or outdoor cheap end table and turn your balcony into a cozy bistro space when weather allows.


Whichever factors you need to consider, remember that end tables are versatile pieces of furniture. If you purchase a design you like from a brand you trust, you’ll happily incorporate your end table pieces every time you rearrange your room.

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