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Elliptical Machines Buying Guide

Make Your Exercise Efficient with Elliptical Trainers

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Many health enthusiasts consider elliptical exercise machines to be the ultimate choice for efficiently toning the body and loosing weight. Using an elliptical is a no-impact activity that can still work the entire body. When you want a workout to put you on the fast-track to fitness, elliptical trainers can accommodate almost all skill levels.


Relative to other gym equipment, the elliptical is one of the newest products in the fitness world; they emerged on the market in the 1990’s. So if you’re not familiar with elliptical trainers, the activity feels like a combination of walking, climbing, and skiing. Due to the scope of activity an elliptical machine offers, fitness professionals also refer to it as a crosstrainer.


Elliptical vs. Treadmill vs. Exercise Bike

When comparing exercise bike, elliptical and treadmill products, you should consider the range of motion you want and can achieve. Of all the fitness machines, elliptical trainers offer the most range of motion with broad strokes for both arms and legs. Keep in mind that whether you choose an elliptical, treadmill, or exercise bike, all require exertion from leg muscles and the heart.


A Crosstrainer Can Ramp Up Your Routine

What make some elliptical trainers different are the handle combinations that can change the nature of the workout. This crosstrainer function can be a great choice for anyone who might want to shift between a cross-country skiing motion and that of a stair climber. Choose an elliptical fitness machine and you may avoid the stalled progress of a plateau.


Look for an elliptical with programmable settings like extra resistance and changing inclination. Some crosstrainer machines monitor your heart rate, calories burned, time elapsed, and distance travelled. If your workout goals include covering a certain amount of calories or distance and sustaining a particular heart rate over a set period of time, selecting an elliptical machine with extra features will probably be worth your while if your budget allows.


If the prospect of changing batteries bothers you, consider a self-powered elliptical that harnesses the energy of your exercise to power the LCD readout. Choosing a self-powered elliptical trainer will cost more than traditional machines, but it’s also a much greener choice in the long term.


Elliptical Trainer Machines for Small Spaces

While many elliptical trainers are hefty machines that take up floor space and are difficult to move, you do have compact and portable models to choose from. Look for an elliptical with a pedals-only design. Mini elliptical trainer machines can take your workout anywhere.


You aren’t likely to find elliptical exercise machines that fold, but you can choose a smaller standing model that is less intrusive on your space. Also, look for a lightweight crosstrainer with little to no motorized or magnetic features and you’ll be able to relocate your elliptical machine more easily.


For home exercise, purchasing an elliptical can become the cornerstone of your fitness routine. Elliptical trainers are a great way to make a meaningful change to your lifestyle and get maximum value from your fitness equipment dollar.

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