IMAX Corporation Wall Clocks Less than $110

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IMAX Corporation Oversized Wall Clock



(43% OFF)


Create the perfect look in your den, living room or bedroom with this oversized wall clock. The open back allows it to blend with any wall color while adding a simple elegance. The metal structure of ...
IMAX Corporation Hotel Wall Clock in Black and White



(35% OFF)


Treat your walls with the Hotel Wall Clock from IMAX Corporation.  With its black and white finish, large roman numerals, and small floral accents, this clock is sure to fit any room decor. Features:...
IMAX Corporation Jefferson Clock



(44% OFF)


Inspired by vintage pocket watches with the inscription 'Galerie du Gaston, 1885,' the Jefferson Wall Clock from IMAX Corporation will transport you to another time. Features: Made of 100% Iron...
IMAX Corporation Large Wall Clock with Pendulum



(48% OFF)


Add some character to your walls with the Large Wall Clock with Pendulum from IMAX Corporation. This popular antiqued and distressed clock is sure to please. Features: Made of 100% MDF Roman nu...
IMAX Corporation Toledo Clock



(36% OFF)


This Toledo Clock from IMAX Corporation is a charming, oversized oval brass wall timepiece inspired by antique pocket watches. Perfect for any room of the house. Features: Made of 95% Steel 5% ...