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Fireplaces Buying Guide

How to Find the Perfect Fireplace

There is no better way to cozy up a room than a fireplace, and for those without a wood burning fireplace and chimney, or natural gas line, there are a variety of easy to install, and inexpensive fireplaces options. Before starting your search, it is important to consider your needs, your budget, features, and style.

Fireplace needs

What do you need from your fireplace? Every customer that we serve has a different reason to buy a fireplace, but the needs of our customers are actually quite similar. Where some customers need a fireplace that will heat their home, others need a fireplace that will be easy to maintain, and cheap to run. Some others are looking for the option that best closely resembles a "real" wood burning fireplace and some others are looking for outdoor fire pits. We carry all kinds of options that are suited to these different needs.

Electric Fireplace Stoves

Fireplace Inserts

Electric Fireplaces with hearth

TV Stand Fireplaces

Fireplace Stove Fireplace Insert Fireplace with hearth TV Stand Fireplace

One of the most important questions we ask is "do you need a mantle piece and hearth" as many people are switching their wood burning fireplaces over to electric or gel fuel. Many of our electric fireplaces come with a mantle, that is the wooden frame, however we also sell fireplace inserts that are designed to work with various sized openings.

Top Kinds of Fireplaces:

  • Stoves
  • Fireplace Insert
  • Gel Fuel Fireplaces
    • Wall Mount (Gel Fuel)
    • Portable (Gel Fuel)
  • Electric Fireplaces
  • TV Stand Fireplaces

Different Fireplaces for Different Budgets

With fireplaces, some are much cheaper than others. Fireplace stoves (electric) can start in the $100 and $200 dollar range, whereas the most premium electric fireplaces are up to $2,000. An option that can be less expensive than an electric option is a gel fuel fireplace. When considering a gel fuel option, remember that gel is not included in the price of the fireplace, and needs to be purchased separately.

Common Fireplace Features

There are so many features to consider with a new fireplace. Remote control fireplaces, fireplaces with air filters, and fireplaces that can produce flames without any heat are all available. For many customers, a fireplace TV stand is exactly what they are looking for. These have deeper mantles which can support large flat screens, and shelving for electronics and media.

Fireplaces and Personal Style

As with everything else in life, style matters. For your fireplace, make sure to buy one with a mantel and hearth that reflects your style and that you will be satisfied with for years to come. Choose a bookcase fireplace, a stone fireplace, wooden fireplace or even metal. We even have wall mount fireplaces and corner fireplaces, which make great use of otherwise unused space.

Even though your fireplace might not burn wood, it doesn’t mean you can’t complete the look with accessories. Fireplace accessories are one of the easiest ways anyone can make their new fireplace look more realistic. The typical types of fireplace accessories are fireplace tools and screens. A wood burning fireplace might require a screen with a tight mesh, however an electric or gel fuel fireplace doesn’t require a screen at all. Try a decorative screen to enhance the look of your fireplace. Fireplace tools are necessary for any wood burning fireplace, but often overlooked by those trying to get the look of a "real fireplace" look out of an electric fireplace. Fireplace tools, include a poker, brush, shovel, stand and can be bought for as little as $20 or as much as $200 per set, depending on taste and budget. Try other decorations like a wood basket or log holder for as little as $30, with some small spare logs that are "always ready" to be put in the fire.

Top Fireplace Accessories:

  • Screen
  • Fireplace Tools (poker, brush, shovel)
  • Bellows
  • Log Basket / Log Holder
  • Hearth Rug
  • Long Matches
  • Ash bin or Coal Hod

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