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Wardrobe Armoires Buying Guide

How to Find an Awesome Armoire

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Armoires are most commonly used to store clothes and other items when a bedroom is missing a closet. While it still performs this role, an armoire can be used for nearly every type of storage in virtually any room in your house. Today, you can find TV wardrobe armoires, computer armoires, mobile armoires and more at More Dressers.com .  Here are a few hints and tips to help you choose what kind of armoire would best suit you and your home.


Choose An Armoire for Your Needs


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In general, there are four basic types of armoires: wardrobe armoires, TV armoires, computer armoires and jewelry armoires. If you have a specific need in mind, then shop accordingly. A jewelry armoire is ill-suited to fit a computer, and vice versa. A basic two door wardrobe armoire is the most common model, and is a good fit for those with general needs.


A TV wardrobe armoire houses your television and other electronic equipment you have for your home entertainment center.  They are helpful for when you want to maintain a room’s décor, as you can simply close the doors on your TV and other electronics.  You’ll want to find a TV wardrobe armoire that has shelf or drawer space to house your DVDs, video games or CDs, and one that has easy access for chords and plug-ins.


A computer armoire has similar characteristics, except it is designed to hold a computer and not a television. These often come with pull out shelves for your keyboard, mouse and printer, as well as drawers for any software or accessories.


Wardrobe armoires are typically placed in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dispersed throughout the rest of your household. If you don’t have a closet at the front door, a wardrobe armoire is the perfect spot for coats, scarves and jackets. Wardrobe armoires protect your clothes from the sun and humidity, while still allowing the fabrics to breathe.


Jewelry armoires are typically lined with silk or other soft fabrics so as not to scratch your jewelry and other collectibles. Jewelry armoires are designed differently, in that they have a number of smaller drawers stacked on top of each other.




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After you’ve come to a decision as to what type of armoire you need, you’ll want to find one that fits in with the room stylistically. Neutral tones, like a white wardrobe armoire, a black wardrobe armoire or an espresso wardrobe armoire, should be paired with a simple design to fit in seamlessly with a contemporary room. For a more traditional look, find an oak wardrobe armoire or a cherry wardrobe armoire with a regal design and decorative carvings. If you partial to the antique look but you don’t want to pay antique prices, a distressed armoire will give you the spirit of an antique without costing you an arm and a leg.


It’s becoming extremely common to have more than one armoire in your home, so feel free to mix and match different styles, types and designs. Armoires are extremely functional pieces of furniture that can add a lot to your home.

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