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How To Choose a Smoker Grill

Add versatility to your outdoor kitchen with a barbecue smoker, which allows you to slow-cook your favorite meats. Our selection of barbecue smoker grills includes Charcoal Smokers and Electric Smokers in every style and for any budget.


CSGrills features BBQ smoker grills from leading brands, including Brinkmann Smoker Grill, Napoleon Infrared Grill in Stainless Steel, Landmann Charcoal Grill and Weber Charcoal Barbecue. But brand is not all that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right smoker grill for your cooking needs.


Shape, size, gas and, of course, price will help you determine what smoker grill is best for you. Narrow your choices down by first deciding whether you want a gas, wood, charcoal or electric smoker. If spending time watching the temperature and tending the fire doesn’t sound appealing, then you will most likely lean towards a gas or electric smoker. Novice chefs or those with limited outdoor space can get away with starting out with a small and lower priced smoker. When your smoking skills improve and you’re ready for a challenge, you can always buy a bigger and better smoker.


Price: You can find a good smoker grills for less than $100 or a top-of-the-line grill for $3000 or more. Think about how much smoking you will do in your outdoor kitchen to determine if you want to drop some serious cash or not. Remember that you can always upgrade to a fancier grill at a later point.


Fuel: Smoker grills are fueled by hardwood, charcoal, wood pellets, propane or electricity. Each fuel has its advantages and disadvantages but some are better choices depending on your outdoor space and your cooking preferences. The most important determining factor in choosing the right smoker is figuring out what type of cook you are. Do you want to be really involved in the process of tending the fire and cooking the food? Or do you want to turn on your smoker and cook something fast and easy?


Most gourmands agree that charcoal and wood smokers are the way to go because they provide a more authentic flavor to the food. If convenience is the name of your game—and you live in an apartment building—you can’t beat an electric smoker. Gas smokers are also convenient for the chef in a hurry since they typically heat faster and are easy to clean. 


Size: Think about your usual BBQ. If it’s a small gathering between friends or family, you can easily get away with a small smoker. But if you plan to host an all-day affair on a regular basis, you might consider a larger and more powerful barbecue smoker.


Brand: Once you’ve determined the size, fuel and price range, you will narrow your choices down quite a bit. This is the time to consider the brand. Brinkman, Weber, Napoleon and Landmann are popular brands. It is always wise to purchase a unit that offers a guarantee of service and support.

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