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Duffel Bags Buying Guide

How to Buy a Duffel Bag

Delsey Helium Hyperlite 32" Rolling Duffel Bag in Azure Blue


When you are about to embark on a trip, no matter if it’s for the weekend or for 14 days, it’s important to take the right type of luggage with you. Duffel bags are a versatile and adaptable type of luggage that can be very useful in almost any travel environment or situation. They are typically soft-sided, have plenty of packing room and provide a number of storage solutions in the form of pockets, zippered compartments and built-in organizers. But in order for a duffel bag to fully enhance your travel experience, it has to have features that will be practical to you.

Types of Duffel Bags

Standard Duffel Bags: Standard duffel bags are a type of compact luggage that can be used for any number of different applications, including as a carry-on, gym bag or an all-purpose tote. Duffel bags can even be used as a piece of primary luggage on trips of less than 10 days. Standard duffel bags are typically soft-sided, made from materials that range from treated fabrics like canvas to flexible plastics. Rolling Duffel Bags: Rolling duffel bags are also typically soft-sided. This is what makes a rolling duffel bag particularly useful as carry-on luggage because they will carry a lot of clothing and toiletry items in a limited amount of space. The fact that they have wheels also makes them very convenient and adaptable when used as a suitcase for weekend trips or shorter adventures.  

Leather Duffel Bags: Leather duffel bags have all of the characteristics and features that standard duffel bags, only the general construction material is leather. While leather does tend to make a fashion statement, the leather duffel bag has the added advantage of being durable, aging well and timeless.

Tips for Buying a Duffel Bag

When shopping for a duffel bag:

  • Not too big, not too small. Choose a duffel bag that will hold everything it needs to without being too heavy or too cramped.
  • If it’s on its way to explore Thailand, then perhaps a rolling duffel bag made of a high quality nylon will be more useful to you than a leather duffle bag.
  • Determine the features that will serve you well. If you know you’ll always be rooting around in the murky depths of your duffel bag every time you need your ID or passport, select a duffel bag with outer pockets or an interior document organizer compartment.

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