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Briefcases Buying Guide

How to Buy a Briefcase the Says Something about You

Royce Leather Legal Briefcase

Briefcases come in many different styles, sizes and colors with a number of different features intended to make the briefcase practical and functional for any business environment or application. From the classic hard-sided leather briefcase or the leather attaché case, to over-the-shoulder briefcases with padded computer sleeves, the briefcase has evolved into a must-have accessory for today’s modern business person.

Consider This

Set a budget. Knowing how much you want to spend on a new briefcase will help make the selection process easier.

The briefcase you’re using now might perfectly suit your needs today, but what about the future? A promotion might mean bringing work home or the occasional out-of-state business trip. Think expanding. It will save you having to prematurely replace your briefcase.

With today’s technology, there is now a wealth of construction materials for briefcases, attaché cases and rolling briefcases. While classic leather briefcases posses an executive or CEO vibe and aluminum briefcases offer maximum protection, they can become heavy if you are often carrying them long distances. Lighter materials like a high grade vinyl might be a viable alternative for you.

Briefcase Construction

In order for a briefcase to serve you well, it must be well-made. It’s very straightforward; briefcases made of quality materials that use time-tested construction methods typically last longer.

Ensure that the seams are reinforced and finished properly; no matter what it is made of, that it feels supple and has some “give;” and that it is sturdy and durable.

Check the hardware: hinges should work smoothly; locks should open easily; and zippers and clasps are sewn and/or mounted correctly.

Briefcase Features

Briefcases, attache cases, leather briefcases, rolling briefcases & aluminum briefcases all come with a variety of features in a number of combinations. Select a briefcase, attach case or leather briefcase with the features that will best reflect your needs.

If you don’t own a laptop or never have a need to carry it back and forth, then a briefcase with a laptop sleeve wouldn’t be an economical choice for your.

On the other hand, if you are always on the road, then a rolling briefcase or an attaché case with a padded laptop compartment will be ideal.

Other features to consider are: pockets for a phone, PDA or other small electronic devices; a back sleeve that allows the briefcase to slip over the handle of wheeled luggage; exterior organizational pockets; or adjust and/or removable straps.

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