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Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

Trademark Global Cordless Motorized BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Keeping your grill clean is an important part of producing healthy and flavorful meals. Excessive amounts of burned grease and grilling sauces can build-up both on your grilling surface and at the bottom of your grill. For gas grills, build-up can accumulate on burners as well, particularly in the spots underneath your prime grilling surfaces. Charcoal grills will accumulate ash as coals disintegrate from use.

Regardless of what fuel you grill with, the first and best cleaning tool for your home grill is a grill brush. For steel grill racks, a wire brush is ideal for quickly and efficiently scraping excess charcoal build up off your grilling surface. Your choices start with a high-tech motorized brush like the Trademark Global Cordless Motorized BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush, shown above. If you’re not keen on batteries and you’re willing to add a bit more of your own elbow grease, try multi-sided models like the Weber Three Sided Grill Brush or the Hoffritz Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Brush. You’ll also find tried-and-tested plain wood handle metal grill brushes from both brands.

If you choose to add a chemical cleaner to your routine, be sure to rinse your grill rack thoroughly before you resume cooking anything. Even with a barrier like a grill tray or pan, your grill may cook off cleaning product residue, releasing fumes around your food. To ensure you have the best tasting and healthiest grilling experience, we encourage thorough cleaning and residue removal.

Mess Prevention 101

Weber Catch Pan And Catch Pan Holder The best way to keep your grill clean is to cut down on mess and charcoal build up from the start. Depending on the model of grill you own, your options may include a range of products which can be combined or used alternately as needed.

Browse products like an ash catcher or a catch pan with holder, a drip pan, and one or more grease trays. A popular brand to consider is renowned grill-maker Weber, for everything from grill add-ons to cleaning. Weber grilling accessories are versatile products, many designed to work with more than just their own grills. They produce accessories for both gas and charcoal grills.

Whatever brand(s) you choose for cleaning and mess control products, remember that ongoing maintenance and prevention are important. A little work at the end of each grilling session can save you a round of difficult and dirty work down the road.

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