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Treadmills Buying Guide

Get the Treadmill that Fits Your Routine

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Treadmills are a fantastic way to add activity to your life without leaving the comfort of your home. If you have the floor space, even temporarily, you can be on the road to your fitness goals in no time. As you investigate the ins and outs of treadmills, you’ll want to think carefully about functionality and budget to be sure you make the most worthwhile fitness investment for your household.


First, consider whether or not anyone else will use your treadmill. If not, roll forward with your personal priorities as you shop. However, if other family members would like to use the treadmill or may come to rely on it for fitness, you’ll want to be sure your purchase accommodates everyone. Unless you’ll be able to purchase and house multiple treadmills, you’ll want to look at product features closely to know that all needs are covered.


Motorized and Manual Treadmills


Your first consideration is the power source, or lack thereof, that your machine will offer. Manual treadmills are just what they sound like – person-powered machines that operate by simply walking on the rubber mat. A manual model is usually quite lightweight and portable. While manual treadmills are also more economical, you’ll want to think about the exertion required to get up to speed.


Motorized treadmills may be a better fit for someone starting a basic or recovery-oriented low-impact fitness routine. While motorized treadmills involve a much higher price tag, you may find the investment worthwhile if it makes the difference between achieving your fitness goals or not.


Residential and Commercial Treadmills

If you’re looking at more economical residential treadmills, you may be concerned about any given treadmill’s footprint, or the floor space you need to give up. Definitely take measurements of the space you can devote to your treadmill, but also consider one of several folding treadmills you can choose from.


Folding treadmills can be stored under a bed frame, rested against a wall, or tucked into the back of a closet. Consider a folding model for use in your bedroom, living room, basement, or anywhere you have available floor space, but wouldn’t want extra furniture full-time.


Commercial treadmills, on the other hand, are often substantial machines that are both broad-based and heavy. If you’re purchasing treadmills for a private or public gym, you may be less interested in the individual footprint of each machine, preparing to adjust quantity based on the measurements of your space.


To ensure the highest quality of user experience look for commercial models of programmable treadmills. Users can plan their workouts in advance with either pre-set programs or by individually customizing speed, inclination, and resistance as desired. Programmable treadmills are a great way to ensure that heart rate and distance targets are achieved.


Now that you know how much versatility treadmills have to offer, you might be ready to choose one of the many motorized or manual treadmills discussed above. Whether you choose from folding treadmills or sophisticated commercial treadmills, you’ll enjoy your purchase that much more if you’ve done your research beforehand.

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