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Daybed Bedding Buying Guide

Futons Let You have Your Style and Practicality Too

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So you’re thinking about a futon, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve been browsing around and the selection is endless. Futon mattresses and frames come in so many varieties that you could go from hip urban style to basic dorm living without leaving the futon aisle.


Seating or Sleeping with your Futon?


Your first consideration when shopping for a futon frame or futon mattress should be usage. Most futon owners will want it for both seating and sleeping. The main reason to purchase a futon is the versatile convenience of using a room to entertain guests for an evening movie or opt for an overnight visit with minimal set up.


Picture your futon in your home. Do you plan to use it mostly as a living room couch? Or is it the finishing touch to your den? Is your futon intended to be solely a guest bed in a spare room or will it be extra seating in your basement?


Budget and Futon Feature Requirements


Once you have a better idea of how you’ll want to use your futon, you can move on to setting a budget and thinking about style. Since futon prices can vary substantially, it’s important to be aware of how much you can or need to spend before you start looking.


Cheap futons are great for students. Style is less of an issue and coordinating with interior design can fall by the wayside. Choose a bare bones wood futon frame and a sensible futon mattress for an affordable combined bed and sofa that can last all the way through college.


Maybe you’re furnishing an urban apartment. Or you’re looking for extra seating and guest space in a summer home. Your futon frame and futon mattress options for style and quality will meet those needs as well.


Finding Room for Your Futon


How large is your space? Futons can be a great choice for small rooms, but futon frames are available in larger sizes. If one person will use the futon for sleeping on a daily basis, a larger bed may be the better option, if space in your room allows.


When assessing the room your futon will live in, keep in mind that you can save floor space by leaving the futon frame folded upright as a couch when an extra bed isn’t required. Even if your futon will be a bed every night, it’s still the ideal choice for small studio apartments where floor space is at a premium.


Stylish Futon Frame Options and Great Selection


If the convenience of a futon appeals to you, but you’re wary of the look, keep browsing and you will be pleasantly surprised. The days of limited options for a simple frame and plain futon mattress are gone.


Futon frame and stylish bedding combinations can result in a piece of furniture much like a brand name sofa. Not surprisingly, top manufacturers like Abbyson Living, ZUO, Simmons, and Serta, all offer futon mattresses and frames.


Regardless of how you plan to use your futon or the prominence it will have in your home, shop with confidence using the pointers above. Select a brand name you know and trust to add another level of security to your purchase.

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