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Fireplaces Buying Guide

Fireplaces have Come a Long Way

Wood Fireplace Buying Guide

You probably already have warm memories of evenings around a hearty fire. But those memories might also include a smoky haze and the mess of splinters around a wood pile. You’d love a fireplace again, but who has time to clean up afterwards?


Or maybe the smell of charred cedar is too inviting to pass up. Contemporary wood fireplaces and accessories can make an old favorite safer and cleaner than you remember.


Whatever model speaks to you, know that today’s fireplaces are safe, clean, and convenient, letting you keep the flame without the hassles. If you’re ready to treat yourself to the sophisticated ambiance of a fire, there are many more questions and options to consider with modern fireplace designs.


Adding Atmosphere to Your Home with a Ventless Fireplace

Do you have a spot in mind? Or are you wringing your hands, eager to have a fireplace, but totally unsure where it could go? Finding space for a fireplace can be easier than you might think. Compact sconce, hanging, and in-wall designs can be installed without removing furniture or sacrificing floor space. A pillar, accent wall, or even the corner of a room can be home to a soothing flame.


Candle-size fireplaces can be added to a coffee table or open shelf like many other décor items. Also called personal fireplaces, these smallest models allow you to keep a real flame, but still avoid the mess and hazard of candles. You can even get a personal fireplace enclosed by glass to ensure an added level of safety.


If you choose an electric or gel ventless fireplace with a mantel, you still have size options that could either fill your living room or tuck into an already busy space. Try a corner fireplace to enjoy a mantel without using up too much room.


Traditional Wood Fireplaces are Still an Option

If you’ve decided on a wood fireplace, remember that you’re making a larger commitment. The traditional look is irreplaceable for some homeowners, but upkeep is also more involved, including cleaning the chimney and maintaining a wood supply.


Yet the benefits of installing a wood fireplace can be valuable. You may find the scent very soothing and the process of slowing down to tend a fire extremely cathartic. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that a few things in life can stay the same.


Environmental and Residential Impact of Fireplaces

Environmental concerns naturally arise when thinking about having a fireplace. Is it better to burn wood or gas? Or is the more recent option of gel fuel the way to go?


Gel is an extremely clean and efficient fuel choice. Ventless fireplaces powered by gel come in surprisingly versatile, cutting-edge designs. Installation is often as simple as hanging a picture frame.


Whereas gas and electric fireplaces may come closer to the look and feel of a wood burning fireplace, many models still require some assembly and installation. Gas fireplaces are a lovely heat source, but they must be vented safely. An electric fireplace can help you achieve a traditional look as easily as plugging in a television, but you may sacrifice strong heat generation.


A major factor to consider is the existing structure of your home. Newer houses may require serious renovations to install a wood fireplace. While an older home could have a hidden chimney behind the walls already. Which is a higher priority for you: installation costs or fuel preference?


Fireplaces Make Your Décor Dramatic

Adding a fireplace can be a striking touch wherever you decide to place it. However, it will be more than just the flame that makes a statement. Elaborate carvings, embossed finishes, opulent wood, and bold brick are all available.


Many electric fireplaces include shelves and cabinets for storing DVDs, CDs, games and other media. When you choose a ventless fireplace, models that will comfortably support your television are an option. Your living room could turn from a raucous game night to a romantic date atmosphere in a matter of minutes.


When you’re ready to buy, take your time and choose carefully. The right fireplace can be a lifestyle improvement you’ll enjoy for many years.

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