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Fire Safe Buying Guide

First Alert Digital Waterproof Safe

Don’t let your valuables go up in flames. Accidental fires can happen at anytime, so you want to make sure that you keep your personal items protected. A fire safe ensures that your things will be kept safe during even the hottest inferno. If you’ve got important documents, jewelry, cash and other personal items, fire safes are a great way to ensure that they won’t be lost in a fire. So what’s the difference between a fire safe and your everyday run-of-the-mill safe?


How Does A Fire Safe Work?


First Alert Combination Fire Safe

A fire safe is different from a regular safe in that its main goal is to keep the temperature inside the safe from reaching a burning point. They are able to do this because of a unique design: fire safes are constructed with a fire resistant and insulating material set between two pieces of steel. The special material between the layers of steel absorbs the brunt of the heat. This setup gives off moisture when the external temperature rises, keeping the contents of the safe at a cooler temperature. A fire resistant safe is designed to withstand extreme temperatures for up to hours at a time.


If you’re going to go to the trouble of buying a safe to protect your valuables from the likes of thieves and intruders, then it makes sense to protect from fire accidents as well.


What Should You Store in A Fire Safe?


When buying a fire safe, make sure to find a list of items that you can safely store inside. Quality fire safes should be able to store a number of different things, from paper documents or cash, to jewelry and electronics. You should be able to safely store things like MP3 players, flash drives, credit cards, passports, watches etc.


Yes, fire safes are a great place to secure any valuables in your home or office, but think of it as an opportunity to organize your things. Many fire resistant safes come equipped with organizational tools to help keep your things in order. Look for organizing racks, adjustable and removable shelves, key racks and door pouches. This way you’ll be able to quickly and easily access your safe, grab what you need, and have the safe closed and secure.


Fire Safe Locks


Sentry Fire Safe Fire Resistant Safe

The type of lock you want on your fire safe is completely up to you, but there are differences you should be aware of. Combination locks are the old standby, but there’s a reason they’re still here after all these years. Combo locks rarely ever stick or break, so you’ll be able to depend on them. The price you pay for the dependability is that it does take longer to open a combination fire safe.


Digital keypad fire safes require that you enter a pin number into a keypad. While these locks have received a bad rap in the past, they’ve made huge strides in recent years and offer a quick and easy way to enter your safe. Finally, biometric locks require a thumbprint ID in order to open. These safes are incredibly hard to crack, and will slow down any potential burglars. It’s important to note that the mechanisms that open the fire safe should also be fireproof.

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